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A Love Letter to This Cup of Coffee

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Badgereverglade

The coffee I am drinking at this moment is so, so good.

It is so good.

Every sip is like a kiss. One of those long, gentle kisses that fill your head with helium.

The flavor evolves on my tongue. It starts off as just a sensation of heat, then a complex interplay of bitter and sweet that mellows and soothes as my mouth fills with saliva.

Every sip makes me happy to be alive. I feel at peace, and simultaneously able to do anything. I could climb the Empire State Building barehanded and then hang glide down to the sidewalk.

I could curl into a ball and close my eyes and just be another nameless part of the Universe — no — just be the Universe.

That’s what this coffee does to me. Sweet Jesus, do I ever love coffee.

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