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A Little Intentional Break

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I had made the commitment to try to write on my blog daily and recently decided to take a little break. I think it kind of goes with my mood and things have been a little difficult lately and then I don’t feel very inspired to write but thought I should pop on and do a quick update.

There aren’t any results yet from our Fragile X testing, I wouldn’t expect it this soon anyway so we’re just waiting on that still.

We have been spending tons of time outside and we had a picnic for dinner tonight and a fun time at the park.

Lincoln was sick some this week so we missed his speech appointment Wednesday and today’s appointment wasn’t the smoothest because he is still in a bad mood from being sick. He’s talking way more though and it’s really exciting. He’s started asking Glen, “Daddy what you doing?” it’s very cute! He knows all his colors and says them pretty well, he can point to several body parts and name them, he knows the names of everyone in the family, he knows most common animals, and he knows a lot of foods. I’m very happy with his progress. Lincoln’s IEP meeting is on June 8th.

With Nevaeh and the fine motor skill stuff I’ve been working with her a little bit, if you didn’t see this post and you’re intested in fine motor activities check it out. So far we did some glitter that comes in the tubes that you have to squeeze. She did awesome with that, she was holding it perfectly. Then one day we painted with watercolors. She also has a special pencil gripper that the OT gave her, I’ll try to get a picture of that and share it soon.

Glen and I are participating in our first autism walk on Saturday morning, pretty excited to get involved with that so I’ll share about that experience too.

I haven’t really been on the computer at all but I have gotten a few emails from people asking me to share various links. If you are one of those people, I will check out your links soon! Thanks for sending them to me.

That’s it here, the kids are officially on summer break now! I’ll check in when I can!

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