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A Little Help From My (Cyber) Friends

By Lisaannjarrett @bpdblog

A Little Help From My (Cyber) Friends Okay guys. I need a really big favor from each and every one of you. I need some good energy coming my way.

I don’t care if you pray, chant, bow, mumble to yourself, worship the porcelain toilet… whatever. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Right now, I am in the midst of an appeal concerning my financial aid (for those foreigners who don’t get the American education institutions and/or for those who are lucky enough to get free university… read this). Without getting into too many details, last school year was a struggle for me. A sprained ankle messed up part of the Fall, a contract with an incompatible teacher almost obliterated my Winter Quarter, and in the Spring, not only was I still seriously stressed out from Winter, a friend died of an overdose, which definitely didn’t help matters out. (NOTE: I did a significant amount of work, BUT because there was at least one quarter where I didn’t complete 75% of the credits I attempted, which is why I am in this current position).

Now I’m almost at the beginning of a new school year, and there’s an academic hold on my account. With this being in place, I will NOT be able to collect financial aid and my finances will continue to be as shitty as they are now. It’s a big, scary mess, but I’m fighting it all, putting one foot forward at a time. Yes, it’s true… I appealed it, and now I have 1-2 weeks to wait to see what the professional committee at school decides. I’m hopeful, but I’m also not planning on something that I do not know the outcome to.

So please…. pray, think of me, chant, drink to my honor, think positively, cast some spells….. WHATEVER. All I ask of you is to PLEASE send me good vibes and good energy concerning this matter and hopefully things will work out for the better. I would so greatly appreciate it if you did this— I really could use everything and everyone I can get support from.

(Quick note: If you’re a current or former Greener and want to write a positive letter in my honor, financial aid is the place to send it)

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