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Next Monday….. Wow.

By Lisaannjarrett @bpdblog

Next Monday, I will have the undivided attention of various professionals at school who are taking time from their lunch break to hear my story and maybe offer me a hand! This includes one of my professors, a school counselor, a school dean, possibly someone from Academic Advising, and maybe others. How did this come about?

Downtown Brooklyn/Chinatown

New York in December 2011?!?

One of my professors (I have two right now) emailed me about a couple of absences I’ve had this quarter. I don’t know what she said, but over the course of about three emails one day, I opened up to her about my current situation, and she was able book this big lunchtime meeting with a handful of school staff members, as I just mentioned.

Also concerning the topic of my current situation, I know for sure that I won’t be homeless as a kind, generous, and overall lovely friend offered a room to me until I can get back on the right track. Where does this person live? In New York City….. I also have someone else from a Borderline Personality Disorder support group on Facebook who lives in Leeds, England that wants me to go there so he can marry me. No… I’m not kidding. It’s tempting too, I’ll admit. He’s a nice guy, he’s a punk who LOVES the UK SUBS (a BIG plus!), and he lives in LEEDS, ENGLAND (which I love, AND I have very fond memories of Leeds from the time I spent there a few years ago). To be able to take a train to Paris and be so close to Europe would be a dream, but I regress…

Anyway, school’s great (if my school had grades– they have written evaluations instead– I’d be getting an ‘A’ no problem, says my professor), it’s 32 degrees F right now (which is FREEZING for Seattle… it almost NEVER gets this cold here), it’s dark, and I’m wearing sunglasses…. sorry about that last part. Couldn’t help but to add my own little corny ode to “The Blues Brothers”. Hey, Belushi and I went to the same community college in Illinois, which means nothing, but still…  ;)

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