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I’m Moving to NEW YORK CITY Next Month!!!

By Lisaannjarrett @bpdblog

It’s official: I’m moving to New York City next month!!

I’m Moving to NEW YORK CITY Next Month!!!
As you may have already read, my recent situation concerning life in general has sucked. Graduating from college, but not having a job nor having a place to live has obviously been problematic, and at one point in time I understandably freaked out… and then with the snapping of fingers, someone’s kindness made everything better.

Over the last few years, I have become acquainted with a guy in New York City named Kevin who runs the incredibly awesome urban exploring/NYC history website Forgotten New York and has also published a book by the same name, which was put out by HarperCollins Publishers a few years back. Anyway, after hearing about my situation, he was the ONLY PERSON who offered me help– specifically saying that until I could get back on my feet and get my own place that I could stay at his in the Little Neck section of Queens.

One stipulation of this deal was that I had to try to get something else hooked up, and if that didn’t happen, I could temporarily stay with him. I did exactly this, talking to all sorts of people and agencies and I was spinning my wheels more than I was making progress. I also did research into living in New York– specifically when it came to access to transportation, health services, jobs, etc. It seemed doable to me, and so I just told him that I would be taking him up on his offer.

I’m Moving to NEW YORK CITY Next Month!!!
Will New York City be a permanent move for me? I don’t know yet. I’m planning for it to be, but I’m also leaving my options open just in case. Graduate school is something I’m still going to do, but since applications aren’t due at most places until the Spring, I don’t even know where I could get into. Basically, I’m just rolling with the punches right now, trying to plan things out as best I can.

Moving will also give me the opportunity to spend way, WAY too much time on the subway, jumping in between various areas of the city to do research for a blog I started called Dutch New York. It’s kind of like a “Forgotten New York” except focusing on just the Dutch aspects of the city. It was a project I did for school earlier in the year which got all sorts of messed up, thanks to an absolute nightmare of a professor I had… but don’t get me started on him.

So yeah… I’m looking forward to what the future may hold for me. I just have to get there before all the action REALLY starts to happen. I’m looking forward to it.  :)

(btw, MORE NYC pictures from my trip in February 2011 posted on my flickr account… )

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