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A Letter To Matthew

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

Dear Matthew,

Today I fly out to Chicago to attend #AutismOne. I am torn because I both want to and don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave you, your brothers and your dad. I just love you so much. But I know I need to go, because we need answers. We need someone to help us help you.

Your dad and I would do anything for you boys. And that is why your dad said yes, that he would take off from work and let me fly to the Midwest. Why we would spend all that money on flights and hotels, so I can sit in lecture halls listening to doctors and clinicians talk about methylation cycles, glutathione and mitochondrial dysfunction. So I can make connections with other parents that may know more than I do, and maybe find the next answer we are seeking. I will do this for the chance to help you recover fully from autism.

You have surprised us and marveled us with how far you have come. You have struggled and worked, and God Bless You, you have succeeded. I have never seen a child work as hard as you. I’m proud of you. And I am amazed by a 7 year old boy that has taught me to be a real mom, a real champion and a real advocate. You have shown me strength, and most importantly you have shown me what it means to really love. We have been through a lot. Some of it great, but some of it not so good. And through all of that you love us. Always.

So off I go to #AutismOne to learn more about PANDAS, autism and gut health. I pray I find one more answer that will get you one more step closer, that will supply one more piece of that puzzle, to autism recovery.

I love you.

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