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A Houseboat Ride on the Serene Backwaters of Kerala

By Vishnudas
A houseboat ride on the serene backwaters of Kerala The backwaters of Kerala are undoubtedly a wonder in them self. There is nothing on earth
that can match its beauty, splendour and uniqueness. A visit to the backwaters is like one of the most fulfilling experiences of one’s life. The beauty and the magic of its environment is simply astounding, something that cannot be explained in words. It is beyond human comprehension and is completely heavenly. 

A houseboat ride on the serene backwaters of Kerala can be counted as one of the best things you have done in your whole life. The backwaters are a unique network of rivers, lakes, manmade and natural lakes and inlets which form the lifeline of this state. Besides tourism, these backwaters also serve as an important route of transport and irrigation system for the locals.

 It forms a part of the identity of the state, something that makes it special from the rest. There are many gorgeous and popular backwater destinations in Kerala and Kozhikode backwater is one of the best among them. A Kozhikode backwater tours would be one of the most memorable tour of your life.

The Kozhikode backwater with its serene waters, breathtaking scenery, lush green vegetation, exotic flora and fauna is a true delight for the tourists. They will forget all their tensions and worries as they release themselves into the magic of this place and slowly soak up its beauty and magic. Located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, it is easily accessible through road, rail and airways from the major cities of Kerala.

 These waters can also be one of the most romantic settings for a memorable and best honeymoon experience. Some of the other places of interest that you can visit as part of your Kozhikode backwater tours are the Kozhikode beach which is a very popular beach in the state, the Pazhassirajah Museum famous for its numismatology collection and the art gallery located near it which has the collection of painting of Raja Ravi Varma and his brother Raja Raja Varma, the Krishna Menon Museum, the Beypore Harbour, the Kappad beach, the Eltumanoor Shiva temple etc. This place is also known for many important and colourful festivals and fascinating boat races which are a delight in themselves. 

Besides the fascinating backwaters this place is also known for its rich culture and history, popular water sports, its architectural wonders, the rich flora and fauna and the charm and magic of the environment. 

The beautiful green countryside and the people living there with utmost simplicity along the backwaters will make you realize how lucky you are to have all that you got. It reminds you how beautiful life can be, in the simplest form, free from all the bondages of modern life that has enslaved us.

 It gives us a liberating feeling that cannot be compared to anything else. Formerly known as Calicut, this place was an important British trading outpost during the colonial era. Hence it has been occupying a dominant position in the map of India since the time of the British.

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