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a GREAT Way to Lose Fat!

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Since launching Lee Gregory Fitness, I have spoken to lots of different people about health, nutrition, fitness, fat loss, muscle building, and much more! But there are a few common questions that I get asked, and one of them is - 'I sometimes lack motivation to workout, how can I help that?'. Here is my best piece of advice for this....
a GREAT way to lose fat!
Training on your own can sometimes become a bit lonely, and some people find it hard to motivate themselves, or tend to do a 'half hearted' session. I can understand in a way, but I have always been someone that has been completely fine on their own, and have nearly always trained on my own. A super way to help this situation, is to train with a friend(s), or better yet, an enemy! (not really an enemy....but maybe someone in your sports team that you compete against).
This can really boost your motivation and training levels. On the occasions where I haven't trained on my own, I have trained with guys that I used to play cricket with for Essex CCC. Whether it was the pro's or guys in my team, I pushed hard, because I did not want to lose against them. It's amazing how competitive you are, even if you don't think you are! The great thing about fitness, is if you train with a friend of a group of friends, you can monitor your training, who's doing the best - amount of weight, reps, sets, duration, sprints, and the big one.....the scales! (even though it's not the most accurate, but its a bit of fun for the competition!) 
Not only can fitness bring friends closer together, creating a team of your own, but you can even meet new people at the gym that could join in. It makes training more fun, but also increases your output! You WILL train harder when there is competition (unless you are someone that really doesn't care, which if you are, you won't get results anyway....).
Another great thing about this method, is that when things get tough, you have your friends around you, which will be your own little support network. Things can get tough during fat loss or muscle building, and if you are on your own, you can quickly feel lonely, lose your motivation and focus. But if you have that network around you, it makes it better, easier, more fun, more challenging, and you will get awesome results! 
You could also get a trainer to train the lot of you in a group session if you need help getting started, to show you the ropes and get you on the right track. 
I really urge people to try this. So get your mates in the gym with you and see who trains the hardest and who gets the best results! But remember, you are all in it together - a team, a unit!
Thanks to those people who like and share my blog! I appreciate it! 
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