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8 Weeks Out!

By Veganfitnesscompetitor
It's Day 2 of two servings of 1/4 cup of starches a day. Think about how little this actually is. 1 serving of starch is 1 piece of bread. So I am having basically 1/2 of a piece of bread a day, but it's oats.
So far, my energy feels good. I began the new diet yesterday, and I'm starting to be extra careful about portions and the extra fats that I use for my food. I don't want to overdo it.
Yesterday I had an awesome leg workout, including my all-time favorite Bulgarian Split Squats. Oh Bulgaria, how do I thank thee for giving us this exercise? My gluteus maximus and minimus thanks youuuuuuu..
Today I hit up an awesome shoulder and calf workout, followed by pain mixed with pleasure: STAIR RUNNING. I haven't run the stairs in this gym yet, so my trainer showed me where they were. Approximately 14 flights. The stairs at this gym are steeper and the stairwells are more compact than my other gym, so it was an entirely different running experience this time... and MUCH more painful, and MORE EFFECTIVE!
I began my stair running planning on running halfway up, jogging in place to recover, then running up the 2nd half. Well... I really could only do 4 to 5 flights each in this stairwell, at which point the burning inferno of my quads, mixed with my heart about to burst out of my chest cavity, I had to modify.
I decided that going to the top, then trotting all the way down left too much time to recover, which is a waste of the HIIT cardio session.
So I generally just used 4 to 5 flights of this stairwell. Keep in mind this is a large office building, so each flight is much higher than say, someone's house. Each flight was at least 24 steps, and it was steep.
So for 25 minutes, I ran up 4 flights of stairs, then trotted back down, and repeat. My last set was a medium speed walk alllll the way to the top, after which my legs were pleading for mercy.
It was amazing. I love the solitude of stair running. No one EVER uses the stairs in most office buildings, so I knew I wouldn't have to have some awkward encounter with some unhealthy and bitter office worker who would look annoyed by my stair usage.
Came home and found my 10 lb box of rice protein from True Protein arrived, just in time to replenish the last 5 lbs I somehow consumed in a month or so.
I love me some stairs.

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