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7 Ways to Maintain Your Natural Hair After a Hardcore Workout

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

7 Ways to Maintain your Natural Hair after a Hardcore Workout

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1. Protect your Hair from Sweat
One of the main reasons why a lot of women don't want to sweat is because they don't want to mess up their hair. Water causes the hair to expand and whether your hair is natural or relaxed, your edges will become puffy when combined with water. Try wearing a sweat band or a scarf when working out to keep your hair in check. There are tons of sweatbands and scarves on the market specifically made to protect your hair when working out such as the Save Your Do Gym Wrap by Nicole Ari Parker.

2. Avoid tight hair pins, elastic bands or clips
Wearing hairstyles to the gym or during a workout that could pull or tightly grab the hair isn't a good idea. When you're moving and shaking, the last thing you need is for your hair tools to put unnecessary tension on your hairline. Try using a scarf or the Mixed Chicks Tangle Free hair bands for low manipulation and a light hold to prevent breakage when working out.
3. Avoid Using Shampoo or Try a Dry Shampoo
Shampoos contain harsh detergents and other ingredients that will completely strip the moisture from your natural strands. Instead, use a clarifying conditioner such as Pantene CoWashing Conditioner or As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner to cleanse the scalp and keep your natural hair moisturized.
4. Massage the Scalp with antibacterial oils 
Sweating in the scalp is something that's common for a lot of people during a workout. After a strenuous workout, your scalp may feel pretty icky and moist from sweating. It may not always be convenient for you to wash or co-wash your natural hair after every workout. Try massaging the scalp with oils that are antibacterial and anti-fungal such as Tea Tree oil. You could also use oils that are stimulating to the scalp such as Peppermint oil, Basil oil and Thyme essential oil.
5. Resist the Heat
Heat styling your natural hair on a regular basis can cause lots of damage. You may want to blow dry your natural hair after a hard workout, but allowing your hair to air dry is much healthier and puts a lot less stress on your natural strands. If you absolutely must use a blow dryer, try using a lower or cooler setting instead.
6. Drinks lots of water
Your body needs water to say hydrated. When you're working out, your body is burning fat and losing water through sweat. Your body is made up of over 75% water, so it's important to replenish the water loss by staying hydrated and drinking a sufficient amount of water after your workout.  If your hair starts becoming abnormally dry after working out a few times, you may not be drinking enough water to replace what your losing.
7. Eat Hair Boosting Foods
What's the point of working out and pushing your body if you're just going to refuel it with sugar and junk?
How do you maintain your hair when working out, hitting the gym or staying active overall?

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