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7 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Milk – Guest Post

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin

If you are not a big fan of milk, maybe you should really start considering on being one. Besides being vitamin rich and healthy for the human body, there are also other facts about this yummy dairy drink that most individuals did not know. Milk is certainly one of the most nourishing drinks on the entire planet. Continue to read on to find out 7 other things that you did not know about milk.


Fact # 7

Since milk comes from cows, here is a little fact about cows. Dairy cows produce around 90% of the world’s milk production. Each of these cows provides around an estimated 90 glasses of milk a day and at least over 200,000 glasses over the entire course of a lifetime. The farmers milking these cows by hand can milk around 6 different cows in an hour.

Fact # 6

You scream, I cream, we all scream for ice cream! If this is one of your favorite mottos in life and you are a big ice cream fan then fact # 6 could be interesting for you. Milk is actually the most vital component in hand-made ice-cream. It makes up around 60% of the entire finished treat.

Fact # 5

If you want to prevent osteoporosis, then milk is the way to go. It is rich in calcium and recommended for intake to fight off a wide range of medical conditions and this includes osteoporosis. This condition is serious and affects mostly women, especially those who are going up in age.

Fact # 4

A big thank you to Louis Pasteur because he is the reason that the milk that we drink today contains little or even no bacteria at all. He is a 19th century French biologist who applied his heating method called “pasteurization” for this purpose. The process is still widely used today.

Fact # 3

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? If so, then one of the best techniques is drinking a nice warm glass of milk. It is a true natural calmative and works not only for babies, but also for adults of all age.

Fact # 2

To prevent tooth decay, drinking milk and eating yogurt and also cheese, such as emmi-cheese, is a great way to do so. Milk actually lessens the level of acidity in the mouth and fights plaque formation and prevents the risk of cavites.

Fact # 1

If you did not know, the ultimately best and most precious kind of milk is a mother’s milk. The best drink for new-born babies is milk that comes from their mother. Babies are suggested to take in breast milk until 2 years of ago because of its many advantages to the baby’s body. Besides saving money because of not having to buy formula milk, the baby can also benefit from breast milk, physically and psychologically.

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