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5 Ways To Treat Diabetes With Natural Cures

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Treating diabetes with natural cures is a piece of cake because what causes diabetes anyways is poor lifestyle choices. Diabetes isn't a disease in the typical sense. You don't "catch" diabetes, you acquire it through lifestyle choices. So, obviously the best way to treat diabetes is with natural cures, not toxic drugs. Here are 5 ways you can treat diabetes with natural cures.VinegarUsing vinegar on a salad or just drinking it straight before a meal may prevent insulin spikes. Just 2 table spoons is all it takes according to one study. Patients who did this saw less or no spikes in insulin or glucose after eating.Don't Drink Soft DrinksDrinking soft drinks increased the risk of getting diabetes by 85% in women. That's right! Just one soda a day sky-rocketed the likelihood of becoming diabetic. Also, soda makes you fat.
Don't Eat Fast FoodHere is a no-brainer way to treat diabetes with natural cures. Don't eat fast food. One study found that eating fast food as little as 2 times a week were twice as likely to become diabetic as those who didn't. Besides, fast food is full of poisonous chemicals that are also bad for the body. Just see the documentary "Super Size Me."Eat GrapefruitEating grapefruit has been found to help people lose weight which in turn can decrease your risk for diabetes. The more weight you lose, the less risk you'll have for getting or keeping diabetes.Cinnamon Fights DiabetesTalk about a great-tasting way to treat diabetes! It has been found that cinnamon actually substitutes insulin. However, do not overload your cinnamon with sugar. It would be ideal not to use any sugar at all, or use Stevia as instead of sugar.
As mentioned, treating diabetes with natural cures is a bit of misnomer. It's like saying quitting smoking treats lung disease. Well duh!!! Smoking is to lung disease as bad diet and obesity is to diabetes. Quit smoking and your risk of lung disease decreases. Stop eating bad food and you risk for diabetes decreases as well.By Abe Abbott
5 Ways To Treat Diabetes With Natural Cures

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