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5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

By Arredmon @mamachallenge

When I moved into my neighborhood several years ago, it looked much like the perfect scene out of a movie – nice houses, beautiful wooded area and a great place to begin my family...
Now as a parent of two children, I’m much more alert to hearing about crime issues, especially when it’s happening close to my zip code and when it’s too close for comfort. Between changes in the area as well as social media allowing me to stay on top of all the crime happening around me, my picture-perfect neighborhood doesn’t seem to be the place it once was... Especially when families I know just like mine were becoming the victims of burglary.
Burglary Facts Burglary Facts infographic
So began my research into safety precautions I can do to create a safer home for my family. Did you know that according to the FBI, a home burglary happens every 13 seconds? While thankfully my home hasn’t been broken into, I have had things taken from my car in just a matter of minutes. Crime happens so quickly, we have to do what we can to either prevent it or at least deter it.
While there are countless ways to proactively TRY to create a safer home, here are 5 simple ways to creating a safer home while still living life (since living in a bubble is not possible.)
BE INFORMED! Stay on top of crime in your area with crime reports with online sites like CRIMEMAPPING, an online system that tells you what type of crime are happening at a certain address in a specific time frame. I’m also signed up to text alerts from my city police department and am informed about programs that my city offers to help prevent crime.  Make sure you’re alert to what is happening around you, so you can make decisions to prevent them from happening to you. 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer
GET A SECURITY ALARM! This should be a no brainer. While the thought of someone breaking into your home while you’re home should be alarming enough, most robberies actually happen during the day when you aren’t home. And now with today’s technology, not only can you get alarm system for as low as $30, you can also get one with access on your IPhone (so you can make sure you’ve turned it on) and even take a peek at your home while you’re away with cameras. I also learned many insurances companies will provide a discount for having an alarm system, so you may actually save some money by installing one.
Most importantly, make sure you put the sign in the front yard that says you have an alarm system. Time and time again, both criminals and cops say that sign is a huge deterrent for people looking to break into a home.
CREATE A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH! My neighborhood is not in a HOA, so I don’t have the luxury of having a gated community or a security team to watch my home. But we do have a community watch group that daily patrols the neighborhood for suspicious activity through volunteers. It’s easy to work with the police department to form one and the benefit is you get to take control of your safety.
CLEAN OUT YOUR CAR. I hate this one honestly, but it works. While yes a car is stolen in Texas about every 5 minutes, many times it’s not the car they want, but the stuff inside it. I know my car is like my office with laptops, purses, and other valuables, it doesn’t take long for a criminal to see you either walk out of your car without a purse for a quick trip into daycare to break in your window and take it. And at home, it may be easy to leave your stuff in the car for the next day, but it just invites criminals to break into your car and nab the things you need most!
CONSIDER A BODYGUARD? Seriously, a bodyguard? Yes, what may have seemed only something for the rich and famous, bodyguards are becoming a convenient way to take charge of your safety – especially when you’re hosting a party or event at your home. Unfortunately, some friends of mine were victim to a burglary and the thief left with their gun. Afterwards, the family didn’t feel safe for many weeks and wondering if the thief would return to their home to get more goods. A bodyguard would have been an easy way to keep watch over the home when they were there or not and also watch for any suspicious activity that might help them find clues to getting their stuff returned. While the police department can assist, there’s just no way they can plant their car in front of your house. With a company like guardNOW residential services are possible to feel safe wherever you go, you can have the peace of mind that comes from having someone watching your home when you can’t and feel safe sleeping at night. 

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer While nothing can guarantee your safety, this is a great place to begin to create a plan that might be able to prevent your family from a crime in the future.

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