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5 Ways to Kick Your Own A** (at the Gym)

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
Try one (or more) of these ideas to kick your own butt at the gym. We all want to be fitter, better, faster, stronger, leaner and meaner, so here is how you can get that little bit more out of your workout the next time you hit the gym. Maximize the precious time to have to exercise because you deserve to be fitter, faster. I use all of these at one time or another and I hope you will too!
1. Go to a Group Class
Don't say "I don't do classes" or "I am not fit enough" or "Only girls do classes". Enough. Group Fitness classes are for everyone. Super uncoordinated? Well everyone starts somewhere. You can burn anywhere from 400-700 calories in a cycling/spinning class. A strength training class like BodyPump will keep you motivated and push through those extra few reps, when you may have stopped if you were on your own. Also, the instructor can help give you pointers on technique and form to help you lift safely and more awesomely. Variety is the spice of life and will help prevent plateaus in your fitness regime.
2. Pre plan a workout in advance...and STICK to it
This is one of the reasons I love CrossFit WODs. However, you do not have to do CrossFit. Tabata or any type of interval training will work. You can pick a simple and quick workout and do it over and over. Time yourself and watch yourself get better and better. Try to beat your time or your number of reps or whatever it is. Use a timer and don't stop until you are done.

5 Ways to Kick Your Own A** (at the Gym)

Try this Tabata inspired lower body blast. Got 5 minutes?

3. Go with a friend and do the same workout together
You will be much less likely to bail on a workout that is pre-planned with a friend. Also, you can motivate and push each other as well as spot and help each other correct form or help keep proper form for those last few reps. Set guidelines in advance because everyone likes to be motivated and encouraged differently. Oh and don't float on elliptical side by side, that doesn't count. Go lift.
4. Pre-Workout Nutrition
Setting yourself up for a great workout is on you. What you eat and drink before a workout is almost as important as the actual workout. Eating gorgeous food before a workout may influence the rate of fat burning when exercising by as much as 66 percent. Click HERE for a cool article with more details on what to eat pre workout and why. As you can see having the right food will allow you work harder and achieve better, faster results.
5. Meditate
Take a minute or two before you workout to close your eyes and breathe. Think about your workout. Why you are working out. How good you will feel when it is over. Take 10 deep beautiful breaths, where you inhale as deeply as you can and then exhale slowly and with purpose. Focusing and even contracting the muscles you are planning to work on that day. This can be done in your car or in the change room. You may get weird looks if you do this on the gym floor. Click HERE for the full article.
5 Ways to Kick Your Own A** (at the Gym)

Now go on and kick your own a**. Let me know if you like any of these ideas or if they have helped you out at the gym.
P.S. I love this. Love.
5 Ways to Kick Your Own A** (at the Gym)

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