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5 Keys to Staying Rooted as Your Rise and Build Your Queendom

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

Feeling powerless?

Tired of hiding who you are in your life?

Are you ‘fighting to be free’?  Free to move?  Free to express yourself?

Ready to become Queen of your life and rule your world?

Becoming Queen means being in command of your life from a place of inner truth and alignment.  You know what you are here to be and do.  You take a stand for sovereignty in how you run your life and business.

But what if you don’t feel in control of anything?  What if you believe that being different will bring you rejection?  That you don’t deserve success or recognition?  

Are you constantly striving but never arriving?  Do you want recognition for your gifts, but fear being seen for them at the same time?

If this is you, then I have a gift for you.

Below is an audio recording where I discuss the 5 keys you must master if you want to emancipate your Inner Queen… and rule over your Queendom with grace, power, and courage.  When you live your life with the knowledge of the Queen within you, miracles happen.

  1. You charge what you are worth.
  2. You know your value and can articulate it confidently.
  3. You set healthy boundaries that prevent people from taking advantage of you.
  4. You attract your tribe because they respond to a person that’s deeply rooted in her self-worth.
  5. You withstand adversity, difficulty, and chaos and bounce back bigger and better than before.

Here’s the thing: strategy and systems are necessary when it comes to building a successful life and business.  However, if you are emotionally overwhelmed or disempowered, that will show in other areas in your life.

If you want to courageously rule your Queendom, remember this:

You are your Queendom!  You must build you!  You are the foundation!

Or else, your Queendom will fall apart because of a faulty foundation.

Are you ready to become the Queen you’re meant to be?  Listen to the audio post below!

To your Regal Magnificence,

5 Keys to Staying Rooted as Your Rise and Build Your Queendom

Pamela Brown, The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress

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