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3 Impactful Blocks to Discovering Your Calling

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

“I feel a calling inside telling me to step out and change the world, but I don’t know exactly how to do that.”

Is this you?  Do you have this message inside that you want to share with others, but you don’t know what it is or if you’re worthy of sharing it?

There was a point in my life when I began feeling the urge to be more, do more, and offer something bigger than I ever thought possible in my life.

I was being called on to show up in the world in a different way.

But I didn’t know what that calling was exactly.  And even though I knew what my talents were, I couldn’t create a vision of this “new person” that was trying to emerge.

It was an awakening like never before.  My true self craved liberation and healing.

Looking back and after some self-discovery, I learned what was blocking the answers I needed.

3 Impactful Blocks to Discovering Your Calling

1. You feel that you can’t be yourself, and you don’t value yourself.

I was repressing who I was in my life.  Being an employee, I knew that I wasn’t fully able to express all my gifts and talents.

Outside of work, I felt like no one wanted to hear what I had to say.  No one wanting my motivation and inspiration.

I felt so wrong on the inside.  All my life I had been told that I was a bad person; I was told that I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough, unworthy of love, wasn’t loud enough, or not spiritual enough.

And unfortunately, I bought into these stories.

So who am I to step out in this big way and uplift others?  I’m broken down and damaged.

What’s more, I felt so stuck and powerless; I felt like a mistake and I had no purpose being here.  I was in so much despair, and I lost my vision.  I lost my hope for the future.

I also couldn’t see what all I had to offer, and from the challenges I’ve faced in my life, I had tons to offer.  All I had to do was learn how to process my difficulties and challenges by changing my perception of them.

I learned that I really needed to work on building bullet-proof self-esteem and self-acceptance.  I needed to see that my challenges and difficulties were meant to add to the talents and gifts I already possessed.

2. You don’t know who you really are.

Because I didn’t fully buy into all my talents and gifts (because I felt like they really weren’t me), I didn’t want to be seen.  I didn’t want to step out and be this empowering person.

I didn’t have it together myself; I’m not going to embarress myself.  No one will listen to me.

Little did I know that the discoveries I was making about myself through strengths tests, personality tests, etc… was the “real me”.

All the things like love, feeling wanted, wisdom, hope, and inspiration that I craved for  myself and for others was the “real me”.

It was everything else that wasn’t the “real me”.  All the lies I had bought into about myself was keeping me stuck, powerless, feeling unworthy, and in despair.

And when you don’t know who you are, you run the risk of committing spiritual suicide.

That’s when you feel dead and spiritually bankrupt on the inside because you ignore your spirit and instead do something you hate because it provides some type of safety or security.

Throughout life, you usually aren’t taught to know who you truly are, but you are conditioned to believe who you are.

A big block to discovering your calling.

3.  You’ve been taught that you can’t be yourself and get paid for it.

“Make good grades so you can go to college and get a good job”.

“You can’t make money using your talents.  Go to school and make something of yourself”.

“It’s too risky to start a business.  Just get a job and work.  That’s safest.”

Have you heard these or some variation of these?  I have.

Sometimes well-meaning advice can block you from discovering your true purpose and living it.

God gave you a purpose for a reason.  He gave you a purpose to live out and reach your highest potential.

He gave you a purpose so you could provide great social value and be blessed at the same time.

God gives power (money, resources, support) to purpose.  When you decide to live and work on purpose, God will provide everything you need to carry it out.  Life seems to flow more easily.

Oppurtunities arrive effortlessly.  And God knows you can’t empower others unless you can empower yourself.  So He will equip you.


So in closing, know who you are, value your gifts and talents, and be who God created you to be.  If you need a jump-start in that direction, then please sign-up for my free course “Unleash the Leader In You” by clicking here.

Until next time!

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