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21: Learn How To Heal From a Toxic Relationship with Ginger Dean

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
21: Learn How To Heal From a Toxic Relationship with Ginger Dean

Tune into today's #HYNwellnesspodcast #21 and learn how to healing from codependent relationships (including from childhood), recognizing the early signs of a toxic partner or toxic relationship traits can make the difference in your future romantic and any other relationship, and much more- Enjoy the show!

Podcasts Quotables

~ If you had a parent who was neglectful or abusive, the chances of you growing up and dating partners with those behaviors if very high. It is what we call repetitive compulsion ... (Ginger explains this in detail during the podcast)

~ We treat other people how we were raised until we recognize and change the patterns. How? Via therapy, self-awareness etc...

~ Learn how to reject destructive behaviors based on child trauma.

~ When we don't mirror our children's experiences, they don't 'know how to develop empathy and therefore don't know how to receive it

Ginger Dean

Show Notes and Topics Discussed:

  • Healing ourselves after leaving a toxic relationship and how to actually do it.
  • Parental Mirroring and the importance in recognizing whether we are dealing with this issue or not.
  • ghosters, manipulators or those who reject you, are NOT always a Narcissist.
  • (The Inner Codependent Girl, being a Savior and why women should stop being a REHAB CENTER!

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Connect with Ginger via social media outlets: (can join membership there) Membership for Women where she discusses ways to heal you heart, build amazing self love, and ways to protect yourself to attract the right partners while becoming the best version of yourself.

Instagram @/lovingmeafterwe/

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