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20 Revealing Health Benefits Of Saunas You Probably Didn’t Know About (Traditional Vs Infrared)

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
20 Revealing Health Benefits Of Saunas You Probably Didn’t Know About (Traditional vs Infrared)

Sauna benefits are abundant. Bathing in saunas is an ancient practice with an astounding number of health benefits. People have been using saunas for thousands of years to improve brain health, cell reproduction, ease chronic pain, and much more. And saunas are becoming more mainstream as well. These days you don't have to have a private gym membership to enjoy or find out what is the best sauna for you. Many gyms and spas conveniently have them if you can't afford one.

Once you start using a sauna, listen to your body to determine how much time you should spend on it. Start out slowly and increase the number of your sessions over time. Also, make sure to drink hydrate before and after each session, and never consume alcohol or steroids in combination.

You can buy portable saunas for your backyard at an affordable price and reap all the benefits of home saunas right at home or even office! There is even the option to get infrared saunas which add to the healing benefits. This comprehensive list will reveal some amazing benefits of both infrared sauna and dry or finish sauna bathing could your next favorite hobby.

Read on to learn about the 20 benefits of traditional or dry sauna vs infrared saunas which will improve your health in many ways.

1. Improve Your Skin

Traditional Sauna Benefits Exposing the body to mild heat boosts antioxidants in the body which helps increase cell production. With regular use, you can improve your skin's hydration and pH levels as well as reducing oil production on your skin.
Infrared Sauna Benefits Our skin and mitochondria have receptors for infrared rays as 40% of the sun's energy that hits us comes from the infrared spectrum. Adding infrared to your sauna can help improve acne, skin tone, and elasticity among other things. This study shows [1] the positive effects of infrared on skin health.

2. Slow Aging

Traditional Benefits Heat helps with cell regeneration which can have a positive impact on aging. Because signs of aging appear prominently on the skin, using a sauna for healthier skin will reduce the appearance of aging greatly.
Infrared Benefits Infrared saunas have also been shown to improve hearth health [2]which can play an important part in keeping your body young and healthy.

3. Detox Your Body

Traditional Benefits Perspiration is one of the body's natural defenses against toxins and saunas are one of the most relaxing ways to induce sweating. When your body sweats you release mercury, arsenic, and lead [3] among other harmful chemicals.
Infrared Benefits Increased blood circulation brought on by infrared waves helps to stimulate sweat glands which will help increase the detoxification process in your body.

4. Improve Heart Health

Traditional BenefitsSauna bathing is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality [4]. Because saunas increase blood flow, they tend to improve the entire cardiovascular system.
Infrared Benefits Waon is a type of Japanese infrared sauna therapy that has been shown to be effective for patients with severe peripheral arterial disease. [5]

5. Increase Muscle Growth

6. Help With Chronic Fatigue

Traditional Benefits A study showed [6] that two patients who underwent thermal therapy for 35 days experience significant improvements in their physical and mental health.
Infrared Sauna Benefits Infrared saunas affect the nervous system by putting the user in a resting state. In this state, the body is better able to repair and restore itself.

7. Decreases Toxins in Your Body

8. Improve Your Mitochondrial Health

Traditional Sauna Benefits Heat shock proteins that raise in response to heat play an important role in the mitochondria in our cells. Bathing in a sauna regularly can increase the heat shock proteins in your skin which can greatly improve your mitochondrial health.
Infrared Sauna Benefits Red and infrared light beams activate cytochrome C oxidase (CCO) in mitochondria[7] which increases energy production. Our skin and mitochondria have receptors for infrared rays as 40% of the sun's energy that hits us comes from the infrared spectrum. Infrared helps to increase energy (ATP) and nitric oxide production.

9. Speed Up Weight Loss

Traditional Sauna Benefits The high heat of a traditional sauna can lead to a decrease in appetite. Because saunas increase metabolic rate and oxygen use in the body it plays a similar role to exercise. Regular sauna use with proper diet and exercise can help boost weight loss.

Infrared Sauna Benefits The infrared light increases sweat production in the body to cool off through sweat. While the body produces sweat the blood pumps faster and more calories are burned. This study [8] shows that there is a correlation between sauna use and body mass loss.

20 Revealing Health Benefits Of Saunas You Probably Didn’t Know About (Traditional vs Infrared)

10. Improve Blood Pressure

Traditional Benefits Sauna use, when combined with regular exercise, is extremely effective at lowering blood pressure.[9]

Infrared Sauna Benefits There is no significant evidence that infrared saunas impact blood pressure, though the heat from infrared saunas will have the same effect as traditional saunas.

11. Helps With Depression

Traditional Sauna Benefits Sauna doesn't have the same effect as taking an antidepressant. Sauna sensitizes the brain to endorphins by increasing dynorphins which cause you to become uncomfortable which then makes you more sensitive to the feel-good endorphin.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Two studies were conducted by Psychiatrist Jeffrey Lieberman, Ph.D., chairman of Columbia University's Department of Psychiatry on the antidepressant effects of infrared sauna use, He concluded that infrared saunas could serve as effective and powerful antidepressant treatments, with results both rapid and prolonged. Even a single session, Lieberman wrote, could reduce symptoms of depression by up to 50 percent.

12. Decrease Recovery Time

Traditional Sauna Benefits Saunas induce hyperthermia which has been used to treat Major Depressive Disorders [10], because heat acclimation releases beta-endorphins which help to put you in a better mood. The relaxing environment of saunas also helps play a role in reducing anxiety, which can be a symptom of depression.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Because infrared saunas reduce stress and fatigue, they greatly help with symptoms of depression.

13. Promotes Cell Regeneration and Neuron Repair

14. Decrease Pain

Traditional Sauna Benefits A study showed a reduction[11] in pain complaints in patients who participated in regular sauna use for a 12 week period.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Radiant heat has been used to treat pain for many years. Infrared helps to warm the muscles and allows for better flexibility while relieving tension and pain.

15. Increase Your Red Blood Cell Count

16. Fight Infections

Traditional Sauna Benefits High sauna temperatures are known to kill infectious microbes [12] that may be waiting on the skin to attack.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Infrared light is great at increasing the core body temperature which brings on an artificial fever the helps speed up the immune system.

17. Improve Physical Performance

18. Lower Inflammation

19. Decrease the Risk of Respiratory Disease

Traditional Benefits Multiple studies show saunas increase lung capacity, volume, and ventilation of the lungs.
Infrared Benefits The benefits of an infrared sauna are the same as a traditional sauna with regards to respiratory disease though it is believed that the steam from a wet sauna helps more with respiration than just the heat from a dry or infrared sauna.

20. Improve Your Mood

Traditional Benefits Traditional saunas are a relaxing experience. Whether you are going with friends or solo, the feeling of intense heat and the associated benefits of sauna bathing lead to a general improvement in mood.
Infrared Sauna Benefits You can reduce stress by re-balancing the stress response axis when you use an Infrared sauna. It can help lower cortisol, which in turn helps with stress-related health issues. Saunas also improve the neurotransmitter called norepinephrine, known to improve cognitive performance.


With all the benefits of traditional and infrared saunas, it makes sense that you would want to use a sauna as often as possible. Unfortunately, the price of a gym membership to gain access to a sauna can add up. The good news is that there are at-home saunas designed to work for one person in the home as well as portable larger saunas designed to go in your backyard. These are a few examples of affordable saunas that you can purchase for your home to reap the benefits of sauna bathing.

Where to Find Personal Saunas

  1. All Saunas [Free shipping on orders of $79.00 or more.
  2. Detox and Heal at Home with Infrared Sauna Blanket.
  3. Get High Naturally | Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket
  4. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa
  5. JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna
  6. Home Steam Sauna (portable)
  7. Radiant Saunas BSA2406 2-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna
  8. TOUKUN Digital Far-Infrared (Fir) Heat Sauna Blanket
  9. Or Join your local gym or spa to take advantage per session (this may be more expensive but another option)
20 Revealing Health Benefits Of Saunas You Probably Didn’t Know About (Traditional vs Infrared)
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You turn. Do you use a Sauna? What benefits have you noticed since you started if any? I'd love to hear your comments below.

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