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15-How To Enhance, and Protect Your Brain, Reverse Migraines, Prevent Stroke

By Healyounaturally @healU_naturally
15-How To Enhance, and Protect Your Brain, Reverse Migraines, Prevent Stroke

My guest today is Dr. Michael Bagnell, American Board of Brain Injury Rehab Physician. He's been in practice for 30 years in South Florida. He is the lead clinician at the Bagnell Brain Center which provides brain based healthcare for adults and children. He is a Diplomat of Functional Neurology and has his Fellowship in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. He is also the author of Health Detectives-Solving the Mystery of Health Through Neuroscience.

Tune into today's #HYNwellnesspodcast #15 and find out everything you need to know about preventing the brain from deteriorating, migraines (what causes them and how to stop them via functional treatments), stroke, brain injuries and much more.. - Enjoy the show!

Podcasts Quotables

~ For the aging brain: Brain Tap is a light and sound frequency headset that trains the brain in certain stimuli. Helps with sleep, stress,focus.

~ We must feed ourselves properly in order to keep blood sugars balanced- which is very important for brain health. The same goes for stress.

Dr. Michael Bagnell

Show Notes and Topics Discussed:

  • The APP that helps with attention, reducing stress, Bipolar disorder, better attention.
  • Learn about a particular devise Dr. Bagnell uses and recommends to stop migraines for good-without medications. Which stops migraines on their tracks (even while having one) 83% of the cases.
  • What causes migraines, what foods, chemical reactions, hormonal or stress or barometric.
  • What certain therapies do(Imbalance in the brain stem plasticity)
  • FEMALES: Learn about the new condition where women are dying more of vs cancer.

BOOKS, Apps, Supplements Mentioned

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Connect with Dr. Bagnell :
Website: visit the website where you can find a complimentary memory test that you can find at in the front landing page.


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