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11 Random Benefits of Going to the Gym

By Meplusmytrainer @meplusmytrainer
 I have no idea why I wrote this post. It was fun though. Oh and let me know if I missed anything on this list. 11 seems like a nice random number to go with the randomness of this post!
We all know that we should exercise. Millions of people spend money on gym memberships that they never even use. We all know going to the gym has the obvious benefits (weight loss, calories burned, increases in strength, flexibility etc.) but here are some benefits that you may not have thought of! Also, I realize I am biased because I work at a gym.1.  Sex You will improve your sex life and sexual stamina (this is number one for a reason). If you feel sexy (aka fit and healthy) you will be more likely to want to bump and grind. Regular exercise also actually improves your overall sexual performance (listen up men and women) for many reasons, including increased blood flow and better circulation.
 2.  Variety is the Spice of Life You have so many options at the gym (fitness classes, cycling classes, yoga, free weights, many different types of both cardio and weight machines etc) you will be able to keep your body on its toes and avoid plateaus on your fitness journey. 3.  Oh Hello! If you smile and say hello at the gym you will be a whole bunch of pretty cool people (instead of the lazy friends you already have). Imagine a whole new social network of like-minded individuals that get together to go kayaking instead of drinking and partying? 4.  Ever heard of Endorphins?These natural pain relievers not only reduce the perception of pain, but they are also linked with an increased sense of euphoria and well-being. Endorphins are produced by the body during and after exercise. AFTER you workout people!

11 Random Benefits of Going to the Gym

Anyone else remember this quote from Legally Blonde?

5.  It’s a Networking Opportunity If you own your own business or have a job, chances are you need to network. As adults we are not in very many situations where we can socialize with other adults outside of work or our social circle. Enter the gym. It may take time, but the gym can be a great way to network. Don’t laugh. Think about it. You will be surprised how many other people there are at  the gym that have jobs too. Make sure you keep some business cards in your locker. Remember though, unless you are Bruce Wayne taking a call from the Commissioner, it is not ok to talk on the phone while at the gym. 6.  Key Buddies You have a key fob membership card to keep your keys company. People that just have keys on their key chains are weird.
7.  YES! I am wearing yoga pants as regular pants You will not be judged or teased for wearing yoga pants as regular pants. “I just came from the gym” is the best way to deflect if anyone should make a comment such as “Are those sweat/yoga/track pants?” Depending on where you work, you may even be able to get away with wearing yoga pants to the office or at the very least in the afternoon with the excuse “I went to the gym at lunch".
     8.  Detoxify Most gyms have steam rooms or saunas which can be a great way to detoxify and cleanse you largest organ, which of course is the skin. You can to enjoy the benefits of a sauna or steam room in as little as 10 minutes! Sauna’s or steam rooms can also help you distress, relax muscles, cleanse skin and help you sleep deeper and perform better in your everyday activities.
 9.  It’s a GREAT Investment Most gym memberships cost between $40-$50 per month. Even if you just go once per week for an hour that’s about $10 a visit. What else can you do these days for $10? Go to a movie? Nope. Not unless it’s cheap night. If you go more than once per week now you are really getting good value. This of it as spending money on preventative maintenance for your body, like you take your car in for oil change, tire rotation etc. Most gyms offer complimentary day or week passes for your friends to try out your gym as well.
10.  Sorry I Can’t You have a legitimate excuse to get out of any social or work functions that you may not want to attend. Try saying this “Sorry, I can’t meet for drinks tonight. I have a spinning class”. This will benefit you in two ways: 1. You aren’t consuming extra calories through alcohol and 2. You will burn extra calories at the spinning class. Oh and you sound awesome.
11 Random Benefits of Going to the Gym
11.  Bring the Kids The gym can be a family affair. Most gyms offer classes, kids program or child care (for a nominal fee). If you have kids look for a gym with a pool so you can swim together as a family. Children that exercise regularly are much more likely to be healthy as adults and have significantly reduced risk of being overweight or obese, developing diabetes and other diseases.
 I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you go to the gym? Do you have a gym membership that you have been “meaning to use”? What is stopping you from taking 30-60 minutes 3 times per week?Also here is the funny Tide commercial that inspired #7.

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