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10 Romantic Places to See Before You Die

By Vishnudas
There is a romantic in all of us. No matter how much we deny we'd still give anything to be in a place breathtakingly beautiful, and even better if we have someone special to share it with.Of world's most romantic placesParistops the chart as the city of eternal romance where even sippingchampagneat a roadside cafe facing theEiffel Towerholds a special meaning. While places like Paris, Venice, the French Riviera are synonymous with ever-lasting romance, we scoured a few other destinations that spell romance, albeit in an unconventional way. Avignon, for instance, and its picturesque purple fields of lavender, the rolling tea estates of Munnar in Kerala, the lonely jungle walks in Portugal's Madeira Island might appeal to your romantic side.Valentine's Dayor otherwise, the below 10 experiences are an absolute must-do before you die.An evening in Paris
Paris is magical, and a dream-come-true for diehard romantics. An illuminated Eiffel Tower, the life-giving waters of the Seine, the masterpieces atLouvre, the intricate detailing on every structure lining the boulevards, the saucy Moulin Rouge shows, and an atmospheric dinner at the recently refurbished '58 Tour Eiffel' restaurant on the Eiffel Tower, come together in a dizzying array to give you a different perspective on life, love and eternity.10 romantic places to see before you dieAvignon, where time stands still...
See Europe's biggest gothic structure, the Pope's Palace in Avignon in Southern France among other architectural gems set against the coastal beauty of the Rhone River. The Monastery of the Val de Benediction with its superior frescoes is of particular importance. Stroll down the cobbled streets of Saint Remy, the village which inspired Van Gogh's masterpiece 'Starry Night'. Walk about in vineyards and savour the finest French wines. Explore the gorgeous lavender fields of Avignon; it opens up a painter's canvas of rolling green valleys, sleepy homesteads interspersed by immense blue lavender fields.
The tranquil Cote d' Azur or 'French Riviera'
The charming port of St. Tropez sees chic Parisians and other international jet set spend a laidback vacation in their private yachts. Stunning coastal scenery mingles with a palpable sense of power, wealth andglamourin Nice, the capital of the French Riviera. It's a quaint world there, only its material offerings are exclusive, rich and one-off. From shopping in chic boutiques, museum-hopping, enjoying the quiet beaches, strolling around the Roman ruins, to eating out at quaint roadside cafes, the French Riviera is an ideal retreat for a much-in-love pair.An artist's haven and a fashionista's hub, Milan
Home to Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper', and the world's top designer labels,Milanis beguiling and addictive. Do the town on coach or foot, and experience the grandeur of the massive marble Duomo, where every opera singer aspires to perform someday. Look up the oddball art pieces and furniture range at Castello Sforzesco. A walk in the evening while browsing the boutiques of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele arcade and the Corso Venezia is an ideal way to spend time in the Italian fashion capital with your beloved.
10 romantic places to see before you dieVenice, the city of canals on a gondola
Bards, painters and filmmakers for generations have glorified this tranquil Italian canal city in their works. A gondola ride on the Grand Canal through ancient bridges past pretty baroque houses of Venice is a feeling you will always hold close to your heart. It is a fine opportunity to soak up the Venetian way of life, the one thousand year old markets around Ponte di Rialto, and experience an architectural richness that makes up Italy's most romantic city.
Lake Como and the Italian Lake District
Affording dramaticmountainscenery, Lake Como is the serenest of the three Italian lakes. In fact, Europeans love coming here because the city of Como is also thesilkcapital of Italy, what with silk factory outlets and branded stores strewn across its every nook and cranny. It's a great idea to buy a pretty silk scarf or a printed silk dress for your partner on a trip down its narrow, scenic lanes. From Bellagio, an old-world town in the vicinity, you can take inpanoramicviews of the Alps and theaquablue waters of Lake Como. Bellagio is characterised by old villas and luxuriant gardens.
10 romantic places to see before you dieThe misty tea estates of Munnar
Not just is it the highest peak of the Western Ghats, the undulating, mist-covered tea estates, and gushing waterfalls, add to the other-worldly beauty of Munnar. Drive through dark, winding roads that look like an enchanted ribbon, and discover around every bend a starkly different view. The clouds hang so low that can reach out andtouchthem. Lush meadows sprayed with wild flowers, the quiet sound of the gurgling brooks through narrow rocks, the green lake at Echo Point, and the warm and hospitable local folks, make Munnar hauntingly romantic.

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