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Youtube Tips

Posted on the 21 February 2013 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br

Who don't love YouTube ? It has viral videos ...It has funny videos...It has has online learning videos..It has live streams for sports and events...It has almost every possible aspect of an online video ..After all YouTube is a Google product .
Here I am adding a list of 5 useful tips(if you feel so!) which will help you to enjoy the youtube videos. If there is a better tip known to you , then add a comment so that I can update it on this blog along with your name.


1. Enjoy watching HD videos in full screen : say you have a video at Now you can enjoy the same video on TV mode just by adding tv# as shown below
2.Turn YouTube into a continuous music player

youtube tips for better watching experience

Try  choose your favorite artist or play the top 100 songs on youtube with Disco. 3.Watching videos on slow internet connection ![Find YouTube speed for your Internet connection] then try YouTube feather feature which is under beta testing by Google team. This will[or may!] reduce the  number of bytes needed to download into your web browser while watching a video on YouTube. Activate YouTube feather feature if you are running out of data on your internet connection.Also try to enable HTML5 video player instead of regular flash player in your browser. But remember these is still under beta stage by Google so may not work for all videos !!
4. Remove unwanted clutter(say comments, sidebars etc ) by using the /xl tag This is a YouTube version for big screens.

5. install 'Turn off lights' browser add-on for FireFox or Google Chrome . This will definitley enhance your watching experience.

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