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Your Summer Holiday Survival Kit

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

It's that time of the year again - the sun is shining and your long-anticipated holiday you booked some months ago is almost here!

There's nothing like a relaxing escape to a tropical paradise to soothe the soul (oh, and work on your tan of course) but at the same time, nothing spoils a good holiday like sunburn or realising when you're 500 miles from home that you left that all-important kaftan back home that you'd bought especially for the trip.

So, before you jet off, make sure you've got all of your summer essentials. To help, we've drawn up a summer holiday survival kit - a list of the 10 most important things a woman needs when she goes abroad!

1. Your Passport

If you're prone to forgetting things, make sure this one is top of your list - and highlighted in yellow! Of course, you'll need your passport just to leave the country but many foreign countries such as Spain require you to present photo ID when you want to pay for anything via credit card so it's a good idea to keep it with you at all times, just in case.

Plus, we've all heard horror stories of hotel room attendants stealing valuable passports!

2. Stylish Luggage

Have you ever seen a woman in an Armani dress rolling a battered suitcase behind her? This summer, invest in some great new luggage and travel in true star style!

Plus it will make your luggage so much easier to spot on the airport conveyor belt if it's sparkling new and has a unique print or design.

Calvin Klein Flip Flops

3. Flip Flops

A prerequisite for any holiday abroad, flip flops are that perfect combination of style and comfort, and they'll stop your feet from burning on the hot sand.

In the UK, a night out generally necessitates high heels, but in the Mediterranean or Caribbean you can get away with flip flops for any occasion, day or night!

4. Sun Hat

Another summer must-have, a big floppy sun hat looks great whether you're wearing a summer dress to wander the city, or a bikini on the beach front. Plus it will shade your eyes from the sun (squinting = wrinkles!) and stop your hair from getting too dried out by the sunlight.

5. Swimwear

Of course, you can't forget your swimwear! Hit the beach in true glamorous style with a sexy, well fitting swimsuit, tankini or bikini - make sure that you take a few with you, especially if there won't be any clothes washing facilities at your resort or hotel.

Seafolly kaftan

6. Kaftan

Your bikini looks stunning but occasionally it's nice to give your skin a break and shade it from the rays, especially during the hottest hours of the day between 12pm and 3pm. This is especially true if you have pale skin, a tendency to burn or a history of skin cancer.

A kaftan is the perfect stylish cover-up for the beach, and if it's long enough you can even go straight from the beach to the bar without getting changed!

7. Sunglasses

I've already mentioned that squinting in the sunshine leads to wrinkles around the eyes, but it can also damage your eyesight too, so invest in a pair of good quality sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays.

8. Camera

Yes, it's nice to take home some lovely holiday memories - but it's also nice to have a set of snaps for the album too! Don't forget to pack your camera, and make sure you also bring your charger and an adapter so you can keep the battery charged up whatever country you're visiting.

9. Pyjamas

At a hotel, you never know whether the sheets are going to be scratchier than you're used to or maybe they use a detergent that irritates your skin, so make sure you've packed your pajamas.

The last thing you want in summer is to be sweating at night, so opt for a natural fabric that lets your skin breathe - cotton pyjamas are great, whilst silk pyjamas are wonderfully cool to the touch no matter how hot it gets!

10. An Open Mind

Lasr on our list of holiday essentials is an open mind! You're going abroad, possibly to somewhere you've never been before, so relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest - don't be afraid to try new foods or experiences!

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