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Your Finger Nails Say A Lot About Your Health

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

fingernailOur bodies usually give us signs if something is not quite right. Not many people know it, but our finger nails can sometimes tell us what is going on physically. If you take a look at their shape, color, and texture, you may be able to gauge your health.

If your nails are brittle or splitting, it may be because you are getting too many manicures or pedicures. All of the chemicals associated with them can hurt your nails, so if this is the case, give them a rest. Purchase a quality nail conditioner and use daily.

If your nails have a yellow tint to them, it could be from a variety of things. You could have psoriasis, a nail fungus, or it could be from smoking if you are a smoker. Also, if you wear dark nail polish, they could be stained. A great way to remove the yellow if it is a stain is to soak your nails in denture cleaner. If there is pain associated with the yellow or if you have psoriasis, it is wise to see your doctor. You could be fighting a fungal infection and sometimes someone suffering from psoriasis gets yellow nails.

Little white dots on your nails usually indicate that your nails have been through some trauma, like hitting your nail against the wall. Normally, these white dots go away in no time, but if they persist, consult your dermatologist.

If you see dark vertical bands on your nails, it could be benign moles in the nail bed and you should consult your dermatologist. These dark bands are common for dark-skinned people, so it does not always indicate a problem.

Have you ever heard of “spoon nails”? This is when your nails are shaped more like a spoon, as the center dips down. If you want to see if you have such nails, put a drop of water on the middle of your nail and see if it spills off or stays there. If it stays, you have spoon nails. This could be from a deficiency in iron or hypothyroidism, so consult your physician for a couple simple tests.

If you have ever slammed your finger in a car door, you have probably seen horizontal depressions. They run all the way across the nail and they are usually associated with trauma to the nail. Also called Beau’s lines, these depressions can also be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes or circulatory disease, so if you have not injured your finger and see these lines, consult your doctor.

Nail beading is another sign that something may be wrong with your body. Nail beading is when your nails have vertical beaded ridges on them and it may indicate that you have thyroid issues, too much stress, diabetes, or perhaps just hormonal changes.

Take a look at your nails once in awhile to gauge how they look. You just may be able to detect a health concern simply by keeping up with your nails.

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