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Young Women Like Getting Fairies

By Urtatu @urtatu
Full Back Fairy Tale Tattoo Young Women Like Getting Fairies

Full Back Fairy Tale Tattoo

Many young women like getting fairies. Although many older women like getting their little fairies covered up with more mature tattoo ideas, young women still need their fairies. It seems to be an ongoing circle of life. Fairies are fine, but the major problem with fairies is that they have to be a certain size to get any detail in the face that will last over time.

Fairy Tattoo On Back Young Women Like Getting Fairies

Fairy Tattoo On Back

Lots of women just want a small tattoo to see if they can handle it. Small tattoos are generally quick and easy. You must understand that a small tattoo must be extremely simple. The line work of a tattoo has to be a certain thickness. And as we have seen, aging will blur the tattoo, so little details will be lost over time. Who wants a blob for a tattoo?

Side Fairy Tattoo Young Women Like Getting Fairies

Side Fairy Tattoo

In order for the face of the fairy to look okay, it must be at least three quarters of an inch, and that is pushing it. It will still be very basic. The fingers, too, must be a certain size or else the fairy will have mittens.

Detail is nice in a tattoo but there is a limit. If the tattoo is over-detailed, it will be hard to read what is going on in the design. The detail will be lost. Little details may blur together over time, which will again leave you with an illegible blob. The larger the tattoo, the more detail you can fit in. Remember, detail is to accentuate the image as a whole, not to distract the eye from the main subject.

Lower Back Fairy Tattoo Young Women Like Getting Fairies

Lower Back Fairy Tattoo

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