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Best New Tattoo Removal Technique

By Urtatu @urtatu

R20 Tattoo Removal

At last the researchers have found a good new technique for tattoo removal. Tattoos are fun to have we have seen that they define the personality of a person, who they are! And people are often really proud of their body ink. But what if you have a tattoo that you regret or is a memory of a past event, a bad mistake or in many cases a bad hangover.

Now we talk about the conventional tattoo removal methods in which the most effective is I believe is the Laser Tattoo Removal. But we have heard a lot about this method being extremely painful and time-consuming. The laser tattoo removal method takes months and in some cases years. And trust me when I say it’s painful because it literally burns your skin fat. You may never think when getting tattooed but after getting a tattoo removed you will think a thousand times. Well for those who want to get rid of their ink a new solution has come up!

The R20 Method:

The method is named among the laser surgeons as “R20”. And I don’t want to flatter this new method because it is still the same laser method. But the thing that makes it much better than the old laser method is that it takes if not days, weeks to remove a tattoo. The reason for the quick removal time is the series of laser passes over the inked part of the body after 20 minute intervals rather than one pass per visit. This reduces the tattoo removal time significantly.

The R20 Research:

In February, a team headed by Greek doctors published results of the new R20 protocol in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Although four passes, spaced twenty minutes apart, caused more upfront injury to the skin than the conventional method, it created no more scarring or adverse effects, and it removed much more ink than a single pass.  Dr. Keyvan Nouri, professor of dermatological surgery at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, corroborated those findings when his staff tested it on patients.

Despite some drawbacks like much longer office visits and higher cost, Nouri said the process “could become the standard of care,” though he cautioned that it’s too soon to say for sure.

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By Chris
posted on 30 May at 13:35
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Do you know which doctor did this treatment you are having the picture from?

Thank you!


By Remove a Tattoo
posted on 22 May at 06:37
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I have removed my tattoo via laser therapy and my skin is all fine now.But I agree with your words that it is really painful and time consuming although laser tattoo removal is safe to be done.