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Stupid Teen Got Busted by Tattoo

By Urtatu @urtatu
Tattoo Bust Stupid Teen Got Busted by Tattoo

Tattoo Bust

The 19 year old teen was arrested by the police after being pulled over this last weekend after he pulled of the stupid stunt of lying to the  officers on duty about his name. When the Police Officers asked the teen about his name, he game them the name “Emiliano Velesco” and his fake birth date too but one of the officers was too observant of his left arm tattoo on which he proudly put his name “Conteras” all over.

Anyway that was the part when the offense was only false information. The amazing situation raised when the cops ran his original name through the system and a warrant of arrest came up. The 19 Year Old boy was arrested on scene for providing falsified information and after that taken to the station.

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