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You Want to Learn How to Write?

By Myfilmproject09

You want to learn how to write?
Something just came up with me, a few of my writer friends have always suggested that I go back and teach screenwriting again. As some of you know, I taught screenwriting for UCLA way back and quite enjoyed it.
But it began to get in my way and since then and now finding some time to consider it. You've read a few of my screenplays on the previous blog so you can see I can write, according to readers.
So I'm going to look around and see if there's yet another way to get students to learn to write. Or to polish up some older screenplays. Maybe it might be fun or maybe not. But I'll toss in my book for free as well.
Or not. You never know.
It won't be free, but it won't be expensive either. 
I'll also help "clean up" a screenplay for you. And again, you can go back to 2009 and start reading 10 years of a lot of things that can be useful in your own time.
Think about it. Maybe not. Here's some background...
You want to learn how to write?
And more... eh?
You want to learn how to write?
Naturally I show you the best one. 
By the way, the first image on the blog shows two guys who made a short film and was a finalist in the 1976 Academy Awards. The guy with bushy hair is Phil behind the older lady and the other guy behind the blonde is me. We were the only two who failed. 
We were the only ones from the class who actually made films.  
Life is funny.

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