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New Start

By Myfilmproject09

Travel Day made the top 50 movie blogs in 2010's MovieMaker magazine survey. It now has readers in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia, France, India, Moldova and Romania. Thanks to all of you for hanging with us.

This blog started in 2009 as a real-time journal of the making of an independent feature film entitled Travel Day, but the project fell through but was optioned last year. So I kept on writing and now up to 2017.

A lot has changed in all those years and I continue to keep it fresh and also with something that is more than gossip.

One of the best blogs was when I worked on a TV series blog entitled "Living in Heaven, Working in Hell" about a TV series that was a disaster. I brought it up to date in 2017.

I'm going to get more into the work of writing in these days and how they change and how they don't.

And mostly have some of you find little things that may be of interest to you. And me.

I will regularly post new blogs on Mondays and sometimes Fridays.

"Reading your blog on indie films makes me want to make one"

"Nice balance between business and artistic sense"

"Don't usually read blogs, I took the time, interesting, you're willing to go out on a limb"

"I'm on the verge of tears after reading that, Jim"

"You brought us into the passenger van, we're there"

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