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Following 83 Again, I Know Where It Ends. Almost as of No...

By Myfilmproject09

 Following 83 again, I know where it ends. Almost as of now. Almost as of now, we are right at this point, back on the same road that old sweetheart was on in 1977 on her maiden trip in June 1977 almost March entering and Minot and we're talking expressways here. I mean this is a town of thirty thousand people vitually  in the middle of nowhere (there's a lot of nowhere on the plains). It's got an expressway that rings the town, it's got big green freeway signs, MacDonalds. There's people making money here. Just at highway 52 6:33, about I saw a coyote standing in a gulley watching, watching traffic go by. Seemed very calm and thinking about the same things I'm thinking about the town, it's got big green freeway signs, McDonald's and then both of us are what the hell all these cars doing on the road here. After driving for 13 hours here?

Ruled rules for two-way highways vs: about road rules, why is it some people think that rules are meant for other people and not them. I'm driving behind a behind a car truck and we go up a hill where there is a slow lane. He stays in the lane that says slow traffic keep even though there. The greatest sin is man kind. It's an insult to a man to be considered slower than the car behind him. It's not possible . That lane is only for women, children, handicapped handicapped , Chinese. Maybe we should change change the sign something else. It's weird. After driving for 13 hours straight, I've gotten my second wind and I feel like I can drive all night. This ought to last for an hour or two - then we'll see. 

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