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The Old Towne House Cafe and Lounge - Chicken Fried Steak...

By Myfilmproject09

The old Towne House Cafe and Lounge - chicken fried steak. I passed on the 32 oz  Townhouse Sirloin special. I don't I can two pounds of beef at one sitting. The chicken fried steak, a standard of road travel comes the way should, breaded as opposed to chicken gravy, american fries, side of vegetables, salad bars, no de-caf coffee, cowboys don't drink decaf.  Outside dusty dirty main street, trucks and cars dragging the gut. Somewhere here, is the corn Palace , having seen 2 great blondes by the street on the street, Chevy passes by, looking, 2 Chev passes by looking as old as a 62 should look look. Inside the cafe,  Interesting  place, across the street and called the Majestic , there's a hundred or more people playing a dart turnment, there having fun playing a dart tournement they're having

Outside, dusty, dirty main street, trucks and cars "dragging the gut". Somewhere  here, is the corn Palace, haven't seen 2 great looking blondes pass by on the street. I'd marry either of them - or both. Tuesday night passes  by a 62 Chev passes by - or both. looking as old Chev should look, it hasn't been redone - suppose the question here why, it runs.. Interesting place across the street there's a hundred or more, they're having fun. The waitress told me about a store open at night - Shopco, just up the street so were going there. I pass by the Corn Palace Hall, inside there's a hundred and more people so we're going. Press by the corner, there station is KORN, get it. The Palace is closed and dark. A whole car load of girls pass me, dragging the gut. Check the plates, can't see the forty-is half balding guy give a look maybe. But they like the car feels good at attention.

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