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After Driving for 13 Hours Straight, I've Gotten My Secon...

By Myfilmproject09

After driving for 13 hours straight, I've gotten my second wind and I feel like I can drive all night. I've gotten all night. This ought to last for an hour or two - then will see. And once again, I'm driving towards Canada on an American route, in this case Hwy 52, coming up to Bowbells, ND,  in this case is getting Doesn't that sound like an inviting place. Anyways, the is getter narrow place lonier and snow drifts across the roads. Looks like a really cold night out there. I wouldn't want to stall with the sweetheart. Sure hope she makes it. Perhaps I should slow down, not overwork the engine. I slow down a little, not overwork the engine. Well, once again, I'm in your hands.

How come the roads are so much smaller when you come to Canada, then when you get on the Canadian side, it's like a huge expressway, just reminds me of how isolated it is in southern part of Canada is  driving through here the first part of driving the first time you would expect to find Canada as in isolated willderness with fur trappers and miles of nothing. Rather it's the opposite of here, cities, cable and expressways. ND has a population of just over  700,000 while Saskatchewn across the border has nearly 1 million, most of which are spread out, it's southern part even though it's over four times as big.Now, just to make things a little more interesting, if it wasn't, if wasn't snow and cold  to the border with snow, or ice fog or ice fog that clouds across the road so thickly you can't see the ground.

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