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"You Look Mahvelous..."

By Yonni @vegandthecity
I know, I'm dating myself with this headline hearkening back to SNL and Fernando's Hideaway!
As many of you know, I initially became a vegan for healthy reasons.  After years of being sick and feeling uncomfortable, this was a miracle cure for me.  Now I can't imagine being any other way!
Well, whatever was happening to me internally manifested itself in new ways over time, and I developed allergies, or even occasional allergic reactions to different things - some in ingested, some I put on my skin.
Lately I noticed my skin was getting irritated around my hair line and realized I was allergic to my shampoo!  AARRGGHH! How great can you look if you just feel bumpy?  That's NOT going to help this trendy vegan feel beach ready...
Well, I don't sit around and wait, especially when it comes to health and well-being so I went over to Whole Body yesterday (the healthy care/apothecary division of Whole Foods) for a brand new shampoo.  They gave me a wonderful smelling tea tree oil to temper my skin and recommended 2 Chic for my hair.  It's 100% organic and not tested on animals, and has delicious natural oils for a beautiful, glossy shine.  I LOVE IT!
Here are some candids my son shot last night just so you could see for yourself.  A pictures worth 1000 words, right?  Well here are two!

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