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In A Stagnant Sea Of Our Receding Past

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
In A Stagnant Sea Of Our Receding PastDo you ever feel that you never got a chance to stop and get a feel of everything that's happening around and everything that has happened?
I've been in search for inspiration to write for quite some time now. I've sat under the black sky and looked at shimmering stars give beauty to the night. I've gazed at the the at morning sun, glowing from red to yellow while gracefully raising its head until the darkest of creeks are enlightened. I've sat on coarse sand and observed the orange blue sky slowly dissolving into the depths of sea, waves crashing against land and leaves dancing with the wind. Each time I've failed. But now, I've finally decided to write. I open my note pad and start writing, aimlessly. No beginning, no end. Unknown to me, and to you, the reader. An unknown path, taking us on a journey to an unknown destination. There is some reckless beauty in it, an exhilarating self acceptance. We've taken a step. Drifting with the unknown, going with its flow. Somehow amidst all this unfamiliarity, my soul is at peace, my addictions being fed. All this, it has a strong hold on me as I'm under its trance. Isn't that what life is really about? Welcoming the uncertainty as it takes us away, seamlessly we walk alongside it. And when we finally get a second to look back, we realize we need more than just a second to to comprehend the change we see. It was certainly just a blank paper when I started writing, and just some lines scribbled across your screen when you started reading. And now, maybe something more? The question is: Do you recognize what you see?

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