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A New Beginning

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
A New BeginningPicture Courtesy:- Urbah.V Photography

Just as light leaves behind,

a starry shimmering haze
We ascend towards eternity
With each decaying trace
As obscured within a loss, there is always some winning sight
Each lost battle, gives us strength to fight
A market of broken souls,
Beating synchronized
A numb desire to elope,
A stronger to respite
Minute division in pursuit of aims,
A stronger unison for claims
Honest eyes looking for lies,
Provocative searching for game
Galaxies radiate, a kaleidoscope of light,
An aura of spectacular glaze
Reduced call it waste despite
Of lovers perspective of craze
A warm cold on a sunny night
And just a hint of due
A spectrum of colors in the neigh hours
It is a soul mates cue
Time is to stop in moments so bleak
Anguish to desolation, you feel so weak
In vastness you sit with a mask on your face
Time transcends, despair becomes haze
You call, you shout, your voice at its peak
A sound of silence that returns from the creek
To find yourself from place to place
Sooner than later you're amid human craze
Memories buried and memories made 
Sun shines bright, you cast a shade
A giant standing atop all else
The sound of murmurs and ringing bells
A pathway glazed with sugar and sweet
You tread rather carefully, you attempt to cheat
You're kicked off you're thrown, to a vortex you're sent
Happiness is not given, it is lent
As you see it stop, as you see the moment freeze
Bitter realization, advocate you seek
There is pain, despair and emotional rage
Fire, abandonment and a vehement chase
A hunt for muse, a search of thought
Segments of loyalty longing to be sought
Aglow with depth, aglow with loss
Within you find the glowing cross
Often in shatters, contentment we seek
Restraining authority in our promiscuous beliefs
A slow faint glow rises within
To tear a wall down sin by sin
Cling to your life, my missionaries sayWhile my organs say let go
A new dawn is yet to break
And another life to spin
From a slumber we wake
With many battles to win
Abundant are the possibilities
But the choices might be thin
As every star doesn't fall's to earth
From the skies ink

Not every soul gets its share 

Of intergalactic milk

Two worlds afar, a milky way apartA step is with which a journey might startNot every smile is genuine

Most tears might be still
Leaving in their wake, a grinning face,
For every end, a new beginning 

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