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Royal Blue

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
Royal BlueThe hem of her chiffon sari trailed along the wooden floors. An extension of the blue fabric, draping her shoulder, fluttered as he twirled her gracefully, gripping her from the waist when she finally stopped. She smoothed the edges of his blue tie, the collars of his crisp linen shirt and brushed the fine fabric of his dress jacket, taking in his beautiful scent. He traced her jaw with his nose while she caressed his flawlessly shaved perfection, her piled hair loosening with each synchronized step they took, back and forth.
Gently lifting her up an inch, he landed her toes on his, admiring his perspective of her, exhaling into the hollow of her neck.  She rested her chin on his shoulder, her delicate platinum earrings cold against his ears, she whispered to him poetry and he twirled a strand of her hair. They mused at their flow of words, they joked about the others mirth, foreheads adjoined, fingers intertwined, they laughed uniformly and composed, the sweetest melody of love. And they danced to the sound of their voices, they danced to sound of their laughs, they danced under the moon lit sky, they danced till forever, where forever would start.

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