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Yogurt in My Ramekin

By Marensmorsels @marentweets


This has been my go to breakfast for the last 10ish days.

Strawberry Yoplait yogurt with Emerald Nuts new Breakfast On The Go granola fruit and nut packs stirred in.


It’s not very photogenic but boy is it tasty.

Where we at?!

I’ve been so busy lately. Finals are next week and I had a few papers due at the end of the quarter. I just really haven’t been myself so blogging felt weird. I wasn’t eating like normal because I’ve been stressed and busy. I haven’t worked out in I don’t know how long and I’m one of those people that “go crazy” when not working out.

Plus some “Weird” stuff happened between me and a few of Max’s friends. I’ve been really down about it and so confused for the last few days. Max and I are trying to figure out how to move forward from here, and honestly I sometimes just can’t wrap my mind around how it’s possible.

But some really cool things happened, I joined the iPhone club

Open-mouthed smile


So far, I LOVE it! Everything is so easy. I downloaded the WordPress App but haven’t used it yet. I’m hoping to try it this week.

I do want to keep blogging. I’ve just had a lot going on and I just couldn’t have another “To-Do” on the list every day. Sometimes I find I just need to get through the day and the last few days have been like that.

Thanks for reading

. You are all great friends.

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