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Fancy Top Ramen

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Photo 6

Hi! My breakfast nook windowsill has become a garden. I’m about 23 ways of obsessed with sprouting things. Which, you obviously already know if you follow my instagram, or if you read my last post.

Something about green things all over my house. Maybe it’s the whole ‘being over winter thing’. Maybe it’s coping with some stuff going on with my Mom right now. I don’t know but watching my little garlic cloves sprout has been kinda like free therapy.

I clipped a few flowers from the only flowering bush in our back yard this afternoon.

Photo 10

The funny thing… I realized there is a bush at my parent’s house that makes the exact same pink flowers. Kinda cool. I may or may not be carrying this jar around the house with me as I scurry from room to room doing chores. I plead the fifth! Or whatever it is that means you don’t have to admit to anything.

Photo 11

I can’t get over how great my little secretary desk turned out. I’m trying to find desk-y things to do so I have a reasonable excuse to sit at it. And when I can’t think of anything desk-y to do I sit in that chair and just stare out the window. Ha!


Photo 2

I totally ate chicken top ramen for lunch.


I ate the legit kind that comes in the 5×7 orange package. It’s like 57 cents a package or something ridiculous like that.

You just gotta go all the way when you’re gonna go there. Right?!

Photo 12

I felt a little bit too close to my college days eating it straight out of the pan, so I added a few fresh green onions and red pepper flakes.

It’s basically a gourmet meal now.

Photo 4

My super secret top ramen secret…

Lightly boil the noodles in the broth (seasoning packet added) until the noodles absorb all the broth. Seriously try it. I converted Max in 1 measly sitting.

Photo 9

I’m sprouting green onions in my windowsill garden.

It’s super easy and cheap because, according to Google, the white bottom of the green onion can sprout 4-6 new shoots when kept in water. That’s like crazy cool!

Photo 3

Normally I use 1-2 green onions out of the bunch. Then I put them in the crisper and they all get wilty and gross. Keeping the entire green onion in water like flowers will keep them alive much longer.

Photo 8

They don’t need too much water, just enough to cover the roots. Change the water as soon as it gets cloudy and remove any onion bottoms that are starting to rot.

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