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Ya Kun Kaya Durian Toast Confusion Review! We Teach You a Trick to Savour This Toast!

By Dariel
ya kun kaya durian toast

As we all know or in case you don’t know, Ya Kun Kaya Toast came up with a new toast to celebrate our nation’s birthday. This is the Kaya Durian Toast and we really had mixed feelings about it and we will advise, for real and no sarcasm involved here, how to go about approaching this toast for better toast-eating experience.

The toast price is $3.20 (2 slices) itself and it also comes in a set at $4.80 with a cup of tea or coffee. No eggs included so please take note and don’t go argue with the staff there about having no half-boiled eggs! It’s written there.

ya kun kaya durian toast

The toast came looking like the normal kaya butter toast on the plate – stacked up with little “tails” of durian sticking out in between the slices. Open up the slices revealed the kaya and durian and according to Ya Kun, the durian used here is D24 durian. The amount of kaya and durian spread on the slice looks about the same as you would see in your kaya butter toast. Nothing’s changed here in the looks department.

ya kun kaya durian toast

Here’s the part when the confusion starts. When biting into the toast, only the durian (no bits of durian meat could be felt) can be tasted and really none Kaya at all. The durian has overpowered the kaya so much that we really could not taste any kaya at all. Even the part where we saw a lot of kaya (halfway bite through the toast cross-sectional view you can see) still no kaya taste. I’m not sure what gives Ya Kun the idea that durian and kaya can go along together. Durian itself already has such strong flavor that it will overpower other ingredients.

It’s not the end of review yet. There is a trick to savour this Durian Kaya toast.

Here’s how you approach this toast. Just our humble suggestion and because of this, we feel this toast is still worth a try.

Try out the toast with a different mindset and expectations. Go with a curious mindset and tune your expectation to that of eating just a toast with durian spread. Ignore the fact that it has kaya in it. Best to pair it with Teh-O Kosong or Teh-O Siew Dai or if you really want to have coffee, pair it with Kopi-O Kosong or Kopi-O Siew Dai if you aren’t a kosong guy.

The toast will only turn out reviewed as bad if you keep focusing on the kaya-durian fusion. It will turn out reviewed as great if you focus just only the durian portion.

ya kun kaya durian toast finished

Nevertheless, we still want to thank Ya Kun for their efforts to come up with a toast to commemorate this year’s National Day 2017.

To summarise our review, we feel Ya Kun has tried too hard and seriously, just the durian spread will do good enough. On the other hand, it still serves as a unique toast you only get to see and eat during this period between 11 July 2017 to 9 August 2017. Go try during your tea-break or coffee session at Ya Kun Kaya Toast today!

p.s. You may want to bring some wet tissues along just in case.


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