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Works With Water UK is Launching “Help: Beautify Skin” Soon

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Remember "Help: Clear Skin", by Works With Water? Their image branding reminds me of Indeed Labs but like in the supplements department. If some of you have been my readers for a long time you might remember (or not) that 3 years ago I blogged about the UK company Works With Water who are behind the product development of Help: Clear Skin, a powdered supplement. This product was also featured by Grace of "London Makeup Girl" who I was a hopeless fan of at the time. To make a point Caroline Hirons said here of her "The lovely Grace from London Makeup Girl (site down) is one of my real blogging inspirations. The champion of niche brands and ethical blogging...she writes like she's speaking to you - not at you.". So, Grace's credibility aside, which I mentioned 'coz I know how many of you jump out of your pants in fear when it comes to supplements and would rather treat skin congestion topically, let's now cut to the throwback. is an inside-out acne targeting, safe (based on a milk protein, Praventin), tasteless powdered supplement packaged in sachets which you mix with water or any drink daily for a month, after which you could see acne, in some cases, begin to disappear in as little as two weeks. And yes in case you were asking I did drink this for a couple of days 3 years ago during a pre-menstrual trial (guys cringe, lol) to see if I'd be less...facially spotty during that time of the month...but because I have such normal skin which births like 1 or 2 huge spots at a time I could only spot a minute difference. But I can vouch and say nothing BAD happened to me when I drank this, I researched the company thoroughly before I did. It didn't upset sensitive me in any way biologically, no rashes, upset stomach, or anything like that...and there really is no taste.

Works With Water UK is Launching “Help: Beautify Skin” Soon
"Although acne is often thought of as a teenage problem, a significant number of adults in their 30's and 40's are affected, too. Dairy peptides contain immune-boosting substances, such as lactoferrin, which can reduce the growth of the causative bacteria and improve skin inflammation. This is great news for those having to cope with the emotional and physical discomfort associated with recurrent skin blemishes. Taking a product that contains dairy peptides offers a natural and effective approach to treatment. Sadly, drinking milk itself does not work as milk contains additional hormones that can make acne worse." - Dr. Sarah Brewer

If any of you have read the conclusive blog post I did here you'll see that my teenage brother's cystic acne was kept at bay for a couple of months that is until we ran out of our complimentary supply provided by the company for trial. As I said in my introductory post "How this works is a bioactive milk protein called Praventin which is rich in lactoferrin helps repress the forming of bacteria that are responsible for forming pimples and acne. Praventin is made present in a soluble fiber vehicle we can ingest. It's tasteless, odorless, and safe for vegetarians, diabetics and lactose intolerant people." Now the reason why I am writing about them again is not just because I am now officially a Works With Water affiliate, but because I am excited about the new product that they are about to launch, Help: Beautify Skin...yes, like you, I got goosebumpy with excitement.

Works With Water UK is Launching “Help: Beautify Skin” Soon

At the mention of the clue word "delicious" and gels by company co-founder, Jules, I immediately knew this new beauty supplement must be something like in the form of the energy gels that runners and fitness freaks consume. Think Jellyace slivers, perhaps. The group, Works With Water, which I am fond of (their rep stayed in touch when she found out I was sick after Dad was sick last year) reconnected and said it's been awhile and they offered me a chance to help them and support the blog through affiliation. I am totally open for brand affiliation when it comes to brands I believe in. I want people to try them and see that they care about what they do and work on products that really work and help people. I am super excited about their upcoming product which I received confirmation for an exclusive preview on as well as a replenished Help:Clear Skin supply which I am excited to get my brother back on for a better photographed encore of a review. My intro post of Help: Clear skin is here and my conclusive post on my brother's trial is here.

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