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Workout Day 2 - Stoix 8 Week Training

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
Temp - 63 and humid as all get out
Total miles - 3.06
Total Workout Time - 42 minutes (approximately)
Tempo Work -
Warm up - .75 miles at 10:30 pace
5 sets of 2:00 minute out and backs
Cool down - .50 mile walk
especially when you pay for it

I'm so used to just doing repeats, I thought - oh we're doing 2 minute repeats which is not what we were doing. Holly describes the out & back as:
"The objective is to control your pace on the way out and then return 2-5 seconds faster on the way back"
So if we ran out 2 minutes, then we should be back in around 1:50-1:55.
 I just figured out another mistake too because it says your return trip shouldn't be faster than 1:50 and OF COURSE, 3 of the 5 of mine were faster. I am really bad at reading instructions. Then it also says the recovery interval is 60 seconds and we took 120 seconds. 

SO - now that I have actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - maybe next time, I'll do them right. awesome.
Either way, at least I now know. I know this, I was straight up tired by the end.
Lap 1 - returned 1:50 - so I actually did that one right
Lap 2  - returned back in 1:47
Lap 3 - returned back in 1:48
Lap 4 - forgot we started later and stopped running at 1:30 so I returned in 1:11 but I don't what in the world
Lap 5 - returned in 1:49
So based on what I know now, today's workout was a disaster, but now I know.
Namaste y'all!

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