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Working from Home in My Pyjamas

By Tamarstylist @tamarstylist

Working from home in my pyjamas!

Ah the guilty pleasure of the home office worker! On days when I do not have to go into the office there is nothing I love more than working from home in my pajamas. It is almost a bit naughty, definitely a guilty pleasure and one that I am sure I am not alone in indulging myself with. If you haven’t yet tried it, why not give itago! It is also an excellent excuse toinvest in some new pyjamas, I mean why not, you would spend money on purchasing suits and smart bits for the office - why not treat yourself to some new pajamas for the home office?


It has to be said it is my favorite way to work in the winter, when outside iscold and wet, or snowed up to the window frames! I curl up on the sofa, laptop on knee and check my emails, respond to enquiries and write to you dear reader. I know it seems hard on those who are not so fortunate and have to trudge into the office come rain or shine, but I shall further enhance my own pleasure with my favorite radio station and a big mug of steaming tea.


I have several pairs of pajamas I deem suitable for working at home, I love my Lady Godiva Lounge pyjamas, the long sleeves mean combined with my central heating mean I am kept snug and warm. Purple is my best color (as my five year old says!) but seriously with my colouring the purple looks really good on me, and should the postman have a parcel or the next door neighbor pop over I don’t look ready for bed, but just look casually dressed. 


Onother days I may be found in my Smokey Lounge set which comes from Cyberjammies and is a dark gray color with paler silk trims, again should unexpected visitors pop round I don’t have to dive to the bedroom for some ‘proper’clothes as these look like casual clothes. One thing to remember, the only thing we would discourage, if you aregoing to work from home in your pajamas is never wear any that are potentially see through as this avoids the need for red faces should you have to suddenly entertain!


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