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“With the Help of LCHF, I Am Winning My Battles”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Cassie Davey had tried all diets and failed. She was "every weight-loss program's dream customer", as she kept regaining the lost weight and coming back.

Then she decided to try LCHF, and quickly realized why she'd been failing before.

The Email

Switching to a LCHF lifestyle has by far been the best decision I have ever made for my health and wellbeing. There is absolutely zero exaggeration when I say it has changed my life.

2015 was perhaps the most difficult year of my life. My depression and anxiety was at an all time peak, my relationship with my fiancé was close to crumbling, I had lost the friendships of some very dear friends, and I constantly felt tired and unwell. I was obese, and filled with self loathing. I 'ate my feelings' and would binge, which led to weight-gain, which led to even more self loathing... wash, rinse, repeat. Something had to give.

I knew deep down that I needed to do something to get back in control of my spiraling weight. Over the years I had tried everything I could think of to lose the weight... expensive food and exercise programs (four separate attempts), meal delivery programs (three separate attempts), shake diets, weight-loss coaching services (five separate attempts). You name it, I had given it a go.

I was every weight-loss program's dream customer.

Sure, I lost weight. I lost weight well, but piled it all back on, and then some when I fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion. I was every weight-loss program's dream customer. A sucker who kept on coming back for more, and failing every single time.

After a bit of soul searching, I realised that what I had was a full blown food addiction... more specifically, an addiction to sugars and carbs. I had friends who had switched to a LCHF lifestyle, and could see the fantastic changes it had made to their life.

Although the thought of giving up pasta, mashed potatoes, lollies and cakes gave me mini anxiety episodes, I bit the bullet and decided to make the switch. I threw myself into researching all things LCHF. I read books, watched documentaries, trawled websites, joined Facebook groups/pages/communities, and in general, surrounded myself with lots of supportive and knowledgeable people who would help me in my journey. On the 26th of January, 2016, I started my new life.

In the roughly 4.5 months that I have been following this lifestyle, I have lost a little over 44 lbs (20 kilos). I have gone from a size 18 to 20, to a size 12 to 14 (Australian sizing), and am now in the healthy weight range.

My depression and anxiety are a thing of the past, and I have been able to ditch my anti-depressants. My relationship with my fiancé is stronger than ever, because I am a much happier, more confident and more energetic partner, friend and mother. MY LIBIDO HAS RETURNED! My snoring and psoriasis have both improved dramatically, I have clearer skin, and my resting heart rate and blood pressure are now normal.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I have a healthy relationship with food.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I have a healthy relationship with food. Food and hunger do not rule my life. I no longer binge eat. My food addiction no longer controls me. With the help of LCHF, I am winning my battles, and I every day I am thankful for taking the plunge and saying goodbye to my old ways. I do not miss them one little bit!

If you wish to start your LCHF/Banting Journey feel free to come visit a great support group here.



Congratulations on overcoming your food addictions and improving your health, Cassie!

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