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Winners and Losers

By Davidduff

Thank God it's over!  It was beginning to sound like a recording of a bagpiper on loop-feed playing the same old dirge over and over and over.  If I never hear another Jock accent again it will be too soon!  Anyway the 'result' is in and the Nats 'lost' with an 11% margin.  I have placed inverted commas around words like 'result' and 'lost' because, of course, they are provisional.  By the time the Nats have picked the pockets of the English politicians (dread thought) over the next few months they might well realize they actually won!  I suppose that I, too, am a winner because I hoped that whichever way the vote went that the margin would be outside the 1-5% bracket, so for me 11% is excellent.

The biggest losers, of course, are the polling organisations who were totally useless.  Why the media pay them such huge sums to produce such crap results I do not understand.  The bookies were paying out to their 'No' punters two days before the referendum actually took place, so if my ex-mate Rupe wants to know the results of any future electoral affair he should pop into Ladbrokes where he might make some money instead of spending it on idiots asking liars who they're going to vote for!


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