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Sir Max Hastings Needs to Watch out for Schindler's List

By Davidduff

No, no, not the famous Oskar Schindler of Jewish rescue fame but John R. Schindler, a security expert, historian and writer.  He has fired some fairly massive accusations against Sir Max Hastings claiming that his, Schindler's, own published work has been plagiarised without permission and without acknowledgement by Sir Max.  You may read the accusations here:

This blog, of course, remains scrupulously neutral not least on the grounds that I haven't a clue concerning any of the details complained of by Mr. Schindler.  There is also, naturally, the problem of my pantie-wetting at even the thought of m'Learned Friends descending on poor little me with writs and all that ghastly legal stuff.

Still, as a confirmed lover of blood sports - er, as a spectator, that is  - I am looking forward to developments.

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