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American Justice? You're 'avin' a Larf!

By Davidduff

Whilst it's true that American justice is preferable to North Korean, even so, it's worth bearing in mind that where-as the Americans will sentence you to 380 years in jail, the North Koreans will just shoot you and save you the time and trouble!  This problem with American justice, as I see it from 'over here', has been rumbling around in the back of my mind for some time but recent events have brought it to the fore.

But let me set the background.  I have watched with a mixture of shock and disgust the way in which the Obama regime has, via its glove-puppet, Eric Holder, blatantly interfered with the judicial system - the Zimmerman and Ferguson cases are but two examples that might have brought down disaster on the heads of two innocent men.  Then there is the way in which the IRS, the American equivalent of HM Revenue & Customs, has been deployed against political opponents.  Then, without following it in detail, I have seen what amounts to brazen daylight robbery being inflicted on BP for its part of the Gulf oil spillage.  It seems as though the entire southern United States has queued up like so many Oliver Twists and repeated the mantra, "Please, sir, can I have some more?"

American justice?  You're 'avin' a larf!


Instead of being examined rigorously to establish whether a) they had a claim at all and b) whether it was of the order of magnitude suggested by their lawyers - who were all in for a cut of the pie! - the craven judges, playing to their home crowd, simply banged the gavel and ordered BP to pay up - and to keep on paying up!

As I say, this has been rumbling in my consciousness for some time but the very latest case has brought it forward with a jolt.  I refer to Mr. Navinder Singh Sarao (37) who lives with his mum and dad - and his computer! - in a semi-detached house in Hounslow.  Mr. Sarao may be Indian by ethnicity but he is a true-blue English eccentric of the first water!  Apparently, on leaving school he immediately went to work for various share dealing companies where he quickly learned all the latest techniques offered by high speed computer dealing. 

Pictured: The hunt is on for the £26million allegedly pocketed by British trader Navinder Singh Sarao. He is pictured, circled, at his high school prom in 1995

 Taken during his school days.

Needless to say it wasn't too long before he branched out on his own as a sole trader operating from his bedroom in Hounslow.  In 2010 there was a huge and sudden drop in the New York Stock Exchange which sent the whole world into a state requiring smelling salts - if not something stronger!  At this point, goose-stepping in from stage Left, enter the real villains of the story, the CFCT (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), the FBI and behind them the disgusting Eric Holder and his politically corrupted Department of (Democrat) Justice.  Working on the good old bureaucratic principle that 'someone is to blame' - provided that 'someone' is not a member of the bureaucracy - they decided that out of the zillions of trades preceding the sudden crash, Mr. Sarao's were the sole cause and effect.

Now, no shitty story from 'this our septic Isle' is complete these days without a mention of Mr. Tony Blair.  Thus, in The Daily Mail today we have a fascinating article - and I do urge you all to read it - by a Mr. David Bermingham.  He is a man who knows where-of he writes having been one of that trio of ex-Nat West bankers who were hauled off to the USA - rightly or wrongly I do not know - and told that they could plead their innocence in which case they would be found guilty and sentenced to several hundred years in jail, or they could just plead guilty, serve some time and then be booted out.  Yeeeeeees, quite, that's what passes for justice 'over there'.  But surely, you splutter (er, you are spluttering aren't you?), the Yanks can't just haul us 'over there' when they feel like it?  Well they can, actually, because that nice Mr. Blair signed a deal allowing them to do exactly that - but without any reciprocal arrangements the other way round! 

In other words, if some American scumbag cheats you out of your money then as far as the American  judicial system is concerned you can go whistle Dixie!  This heinous state of legal affairs is not, of course, the fault of 'the cousins' who have always operated on the basic notion that one never gives a sucker an even break, and suckers don't come much bigger than Mr. Tony Blair.  One wonders - but only for a mini-second, of course, perish the thought - what favours Mr. Blair obtained from this totally one-sided deal with its inherent injustice and cruelty? We are, after all, or at least, we are supposed to be, subjects of Her Majesty, not His Superior Highness, the President of the United States!

ADDITIONAL:   I forgot to urge you to visit the Streetwise Professor who has three very erudite posts on the financial background to the Sareo case.  Definitely worth the effort even if, like me, you don't quite understand all the intricacies of stock market dealing.


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