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WILW - Photo Edition

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
WILW - Photo EditionYay for what I'm loving Wednesday!!!Thanks Jamie
I sometimes think it's funny to look back on photos I've taken during the week. It's amazing the things that peak my interest, most of which are food. So I've decided today's WILW will be dedicated to my photos for this week. Enjoy. 
WILW - Photo Editionmy new paleo focus has me eating odd snacks - I like almond butter better than sunflower butter I found, BUT it was $6 so I'm eating the whole jar - I can promise that

WILW - Photo EditionMy mini meatloafs and mashed sweet potatoes - but the pic turned out too warm - bleh

WILW - Photo Edition I was trying to be artistic but this just looks kind of gross - it was actually really really really good

WILW - Photo EditionSo I've been telling my hubby I wanted Iris's and look at what popped up in my yard - thank you previous house owner!

WILW - Photo EditionI love them

WILW - Photo EditionI ate this last week - pre Paleo. But I am going to continue to eat things like these because I can - just not as frequently maybe - maybe... 

WILW - Photo EditionEllen's is sooo good - support your local!

WILW - Photo EditionSuper excited about my new Toms even though I got a size too big

WILW - Photo EditionBBQ place in Columbia that is straight up nasty 

WILW - Photo EditionYeah - I did take a pic of this 

WILW - Photo EditionCharleston Pralines - this was delicious but hurt my teeth

Should I be disturbed that almost all of these are food? Obvs, we found my fav thing to photograph. 
Hope you like them!

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