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Why You Need to Join My Teleseminar TONIGHT!

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

This article shows that once people have been settled in a job for a few years, women are less likely to leave than guys are.

“And I probably should have left a year, maybe more than a year, before I did,” Maveal says. “But I couldn’t imagine who I would be if I wasn’t Danielle XO.” Her whole identity was tied up with her job. And it wasn’t just that. Maveal says after several years, “I felt like I owed it to the company to be there.”

I am here to change that. No more getting comfortable. No more doing all that you aren’t meant to be. No more not getting the career success and awesome salary that you deserve!

But date your employer for too long, and it could cost you a lot of money. Danielle Maveal got a 38 percent raise when she finally left Etsy and began a new job. Switching companies is often the best way to get a big salary bump.

Join me on my complimentary training “Is Now The Right Time for a Career Change?!“ tonight at 8:30pm EST to learn the simple system to find personal fulfillment, excitement, challenge and happiness in your career!  If you are tired of a career that isn’t going anywhere and sick of letting others pass you by, this training is for you!!

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This powerful free call will help you:

  • Figure out the career you were born to do
  • Get hired where you will be most successful
  • Stop searching for a new career the wrong way
  • Start having new opportunities come to you with ease
  • Avoid stress, anxiety and unhappiness
  • Have a new career and life you LOVE!
And I will be recording it so if the time isn’t convenient for you, no worries. You can always listen to the recording I send out after. So really you have no excuses right?  I didn’t think so.Looking forward to “seeing” you on the call! :)

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