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Why Isn't He Nailing 'HillBilly's Carcass to the Courtroom Door?

By Davidduff

Rep. Trey Gowdy may not be a familiar name to my non-American readers so let me explain that he is a former 'hot shot' prosecutor from South Carolina who took the potentially doom-laden decision to give up law-enforcing and take up law-making by running for Congress and he is now the Representative for the 4th District.  He is, according to his legend, very definitely the new kid on the block and a man to be watched.  He was handed the plum job, as seen from the viewpoint of an ambitious politician, of chairing the committee investigating 'Hillbilly's handling of the Benghazi slaughter in which four Americans, including their Ambassador, were murdered.

I am glad to say that I am not alone in having wondered over recent months why nothing appears to have happened.  Andrew C. McCarthy at The National Review and Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker are equally baffled especially as it has now been revealed that 'HillBilly' used a private server to conduct national policy and on leaving office wiped all e-mails and destroyed the server.  All those acts are, prima facie, illegal!  After a public examination by the committee over a year ago, nothing has happened until now.

Rep. Gowdy, despite his 'reputation' as a tiger, has decided to call her back for a 'private chit-chat'!  In his words, courtesy of Mr. McCarthy: 

We’re going to have a conversation with Secretary Clinton. I would hope that it would be a transcribed interview, which is private, it protects her privacy. It protects national-security interests. And it rebuts this notion that this is a political charade, which some Democrats suggest. Let’s have a private conversation about why you had your own server, why you didn’t return the records when you left the State Department. And why you decided to permanently delete them when you knew the congressional investigations were ongoing.   Perhaps, according to the experts, Mr.Gowdy thinks he will achieve more by conducting his 'interrogation' in private, albeit, on the record and under oath, and without the distraction of blazing publicity and the running-game interference from her Democrat supporters on the committee.  Perhaps Mr. Gowdy is playing the old 'softlee, softlee, catchee monkee' tactic.  Let the 'perp' keep talking until she hangs herself because the record of all these 'private' discussions can be used at a later date.   Obviously I cannot offer an expert opinion (so no change there, then!) but I can mutter in passing that whilst 'Hillbilly's ambitious future might hang on the outcome, so does that of Rep. Gowdy!  


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