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Why I Do Yoga? + This Gaming Addiction is an Issue

By Ireviewuread
Why I do Yoga? + This gaming addiction is an issue

Whenever I tell people I do yoga, I often get these 2 immediate reactions:

  1. "Yoga is not real exercise."
  2. "Does Yoga help to lose weight?"

Firstly, although yoga is not as intensive of an exercise such as running or weight-lifting, yoga is still a form of exercise that helps with your overall well-being. From learning how to properly breathe to decrease the risk of heart disease, yoga is the key to fixing your posture and enhancing your flexibility. Yoga helps to tone your body and calm your soul but it doesn't help if you are looking to lose weight in a short period of time.

"Then why do yoga?"

I had been introduced to yoga a few years ago as part of the Gym Adventures series that I was writing. However, I didn't find yoga intensive enough for me then. Plus, I was too distracted with the 101 inquisitive hobbies that involved me running around Singapore. Many years and experiences down the road later, I find myself crawling back to yoga to heal my broken heart. It helped me calm the hamster in my head down and it allowed me to reflect on things from an outward perspective. It gave me a sense of control over my life as everything as I knew then changed.

I stopped doing yoga once the changes around me stabilised. However, things took a huge turn when Singapore started to get colder last year. I don't talk about this but I do have sinuses issues when the weather change. Those issues heighten when the temperature had a sudden drop last year. In addition to that, I haven't been working out much ever since I've become a freelancer in 2019. In fact, the most exercise I did was walking from my study to the kitchen. In spite of all these issues, I only realised the need for change when my friend brought me to this 1-hour hot yoga class. About 20 to 30 minutes in, I started to see my vision closing. The stuffiness, the heat and the lack of exercise have finally gotten to me. I was not ok. It was scary to come to this realisation that my body was not what it used to me. In order for my body to function properly, I had to eat right, sleep early and exercise regularly.

Why I do Yoga? + This gaming addiction is an issue

I hate sports

Back when I was in secondary school, I would find excuses to get out of Physical Education. While everyone loves this part of the school's curriculum, I loathe it. I don't like exerting so much physical energy and being exhausted afterwards. Thus, doing cardio to get me into sports is out of the question. Nevertheless, I need to do some sort of exercise. Yoga seemed to be the easiest sort of exercise. Plus, I don't need to leave the house for this. With that simple mindset, Yoga was chosen. Little did I know that Yoga will bring me more benefits than I initially anticipated.

Do you know that there is a better way to breathe? You can breathe deeper and fuller with yoga!

My goal in yoga was not to become thinner or gain a 6 pacs. I merely wanted my body to function normally. As the years go by, I started to realise that exercise is essential. Despite my hatred for sports, I need to push through that feeling and find an exercise that I like. Something that will make me want to go back for more. Yoga seemed 'easy' enough. Thus, I chose it.

There are plenty of yoga classes out there from hot yoga to Yin yoga but all those classes lasted for over an hour. Knowing my stamina and level of concentration, I find it hard to participate in the full hour of the class. Plus, the thought of travelling to and forth to the class to be with other humans in such a pandemic is not the most ideal situation. As such, I decided to do at-home yoga.

There are many resources online when it comes to online exercising classes. Previously on IreviewUread, I talked about OnlineGym4me. OnlineGym4me provides online classes from pilates, yoga to kickboxing. Get fit in the comforts of your own home. I love the whole idea since I don't need to get out to get fit. Plus, I can exercise at 12 am if I want to and not follow the normal classes schedule. No 8 am classes for me, thank you.

Despite this resource that I was introduced to, I still chose to go with a particular Youtuber when it comes to yoga.

The hardest part is showing up - Yoga With Adriene

In Yoga with Adriene class, she teaches us to be good to ourselves. She thanked us for showing up and taking time for ourselves. The instructions she gives are suitable for people of different levels and she is so encouraging. It felt so encouraging and soothing to be doing yoga with her. It's a great reminder for us to be good to ourselves and the fact that we chose to do what we are doing now is an active decision. Doing yoga with Adriene is more than just being flexible, healthy and ticking that checkmark of 'I've exercised today' of your list. It is being good to yourself, taking time for yourself and appreciating your body for what is and how it moves.

Why I do Yoga? + This gaming addiction is an issue

Be soft on yourself

More than often, we are too hard on ourselves. On our work, on how we react and on our relationships. It's a wonderful change of pace. Every yoga session starts with breathing exercises. To focus on your breathing, be aware of how your body is feeling and let go of your day thus far. One of the things that bothered me at the beginning is how yoga and mediation required your mind to be empty but as a chronic over-thinker, my mind is never empty. Through the sessions, I've got used to the fact that it's alright for my mind to be full. All I have to do is acknowledge the thoughts that I am having at that time and let it go. It is the same as the emotions that we are feeling when we are overwhelmed. It is alright to cry, to let it out and to acknowledge that it happened and this is what you are feeling but you have to slowly let it go and not be stuck because of it. These thoughts and feelings may come back but that's also alright as long as we acknowledge it and let it fly away.

They say practice makes perfect. I say practice makes better. The more you do certain things, the better you get it. Although I have been doing yoga more frequently than before, I still fall out of poses and my mind still floats away. However, the constant reminder from Adriene that it is alright to feel this way is reassuring and encouraging.

If you're looking to try out at home yoga, Yoga with Adriene produces free 30 days yoga challenge every year. The 30 days challenge could be done continuously, or whenever you are free. You make your own rules. This year, the theme is HOME. HOME is about coming back to yourself. We are so influenced by the media, the people and the judgment of others that we have no idea who we are anymore. We feel lost and alone. We seemed to abandon the most important person in our lives, ourselves. With HOME, the challenge allows us to empty our minds and take some time to hear our inner selves. To reset your mind, concentrate on the movements instead of giving all the attention and your identity to the voices in your head.

Ever since I started to practice yoga 2 to 4 times a week, I noticed my breath and body flow smoother. According to The Atlantic, even by doing 12 to 20 minutes of yoga could result is great things such as memory improvement and increasing of bone density. The keyword is to do it frequently instead of doing a 60 minutes class once a month. Thus, I rather chose to do 20 - 30 minutes yoga session two to four times a week instead of a 60 minutes session once a week. I guess this is also dependent on one's preferences.

Why I do Yoga? + This gaming addiction is an issue

With everyone playing animal crossing, I'm obsessed with this farming simulator, Harvest Town.

Gaming Addiction is a serious issue that people don't talk about

... and I don't intend to talk about it today for I am very sure that I have that serious issue.

Aside from doing yoga, I've also started streaming more often on Twitch. So much so that I've become an affiliate. That means you can subscribe to me on twitch! This is with the help of various other people that helped me with technical issues and the enhancement of my streams. Although you might probably not read this I would like to say a Thank you :) You all gave me a reason to persevere and not give in to the procrastination monkey.

For easy communication, I've also opened a discord server where we share new games, get the latest updates from me and chitchat. The admins and I will be doing our best to moderate the server to ensure that it is a safe environment for everyone.

With that, I shall end this long post with this sentence:

Through this time of uncertainty, I hope that all of you stay safe and healthy. Let's all do our part, apart.

If you ever get bored of being apart, do join me every Friday and Saturday, 10 pm onwards (UTC+8) on Twitch as I host Drawful 2 for us to all play alone, apart.

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